[Episode 11] TGPC’s Miss India Season 5: Full Performance Videos of Top 10

Eagerness! Eagerness is what we feel right now after the grief of departing from 12 of our contestants in the last episode. Eagerness about how the Top 10 will perform! Eagerness about who will be the Top 5! Eagerness about who will be the winners! Excitement! Enthusiasm! Exhilaration!

The Top 10 finalists of TGPC’s Miss India season 5 now start from scratch! The judges will go through the full performance videos of the finalists and score them for their beauty and personality. The scores of the judges will be converted into rankings points to make the process fairer and the Top 3 contestants with highest ranking points will be declared as the winners on coming Friday. The Elite club has always played a vital role in the final round of every season. This time they have a bigger role. They join the judges’ panel as the 6th judge!

Panel of Judges

  1. TGPC’s Elite Club – The premium members of TGPC FB group; Abu Pame, Anirban Guha, Bhambhani Priyank, Daniel Dsouza, Dennis Hayden, Jimmy Shah, Kamartaj Pathan, Rajat Mehrotra, Rimzenith Tamang, Ritika Pal, Roopa Ravi, Srishti Pandey from the club participate in the judging process for this round.
  2. Andre Sleigh – the co-owner of the internationally famous pageant portal Global Beauties, pageant expert.
  3. Bhairavi Burad – TGPC’s Miss India season 1 winner, Abraxas Goddess of Beauty 2017 winner, Miss Global International Asia 2017 winner.
  4. Kartik Behl – the founder of Atharv Creations, pageant expert.
  5. Siddhi Idnani – TGPC’s Miss India season 3 winner, Miss Supertalent India 2018, actress.
  6. Summer Jacobs – Supermodel India Teen 2017, India’s Next Top Model season 3 finalist.

Here are the full performance videos of the Top 10 finalists.

Ashwini Rangari

Bonsi Verma

Darshana Nehulkar

Deekshya Singh

Divya Choudhary

Garima Yadav

Nikita Tanwani

Priya Shinde

Shreya Sharma

Tejaswini Rabha

Upcoming Episodes

  • Episode 12, Meet the Top 5 – On 10th October 2018 Wednesday at 8 PM, the Top 5 finalists will be revealed. Also, the winners of Miss Rampwalk and the all-important Miss Transformation title will be declared.
  • Episode 13, Meet the winners – On 12th October 2018 Friday at 8 PM, the Top 3 winners of this season will be announced. They will crowned officially few days later.