[Episode 10] TGPC’s Miss India Season 5: Meet the Top 10

Contrary to assumptions, participation in TGPC’s Miss India, an online pageant requires a lot of engagement from the contestants. There are sponsor tasks. There are daily question-answer rounds. There are of course the weekly walk rounds. There are live chats. This is in addition to the huge amount of feedback, positive and negative that is received on weekly basis. It requires a lot of focus and dedication to be a consistent performer in the pageant. We are proud to say that our 22 contestants have given their best. It’s been almost 1.5-2 months and now we finally have a major elimination. 12 out of the 22 contestants will be out of the contention of the main crowns. However, they will always be ‘our girls’, receiving our unconditional support in whatever they do.

From now, only 10 contestants will go forward. Priya Shinde, Tejaswini Rabha and Divya Choudhary will progress by the virtue of the votes from the Elite club. Ashwini Rangari and Bonsi Verma joined the Top 10 by making it to the Top 3 of the leaderboard. Now 5 more spots will be filled based on the scores from our jury in the three rounds. First let us meet the jury.

[Episode 7] TGPC’s Miss India Season 5: Ethnic Wear Competition – Judges' Scores

Our panel of judges consists of Andre Sleigh, Bhairavi Burad, Kartik Behl, Siddhi Idnani and Summer Jacobs. Andre Sleigh is the co-owner of the internationally famous pageant portal ‘Global Beauties’ and a pageant expert. Bhairavi Burad is the first winner of TGPC’s Miss India. She later won Abraxas Goddess of Beauty 2017 and Miss Global International Asia 2017. Kartik Behl is the founder of Atharv Creations and a pageant expert. Atharv Creations is the title partner of TGPC’s Miss India. Siddhi Idnani is the winner of TGPC’s Miss India season 3 and now a known film actress. She is also Miss Supertalent India 2018. Summer Jacobs is the winner of Supermodel India Teen 2017 and India’s Next Top Model season 3 finalist.

First let us have a look at the scores of the Evening gown competition.

Now let us have a look at the cumulative scores of the contestants in the three rounds.

Congratulations to the Top 10!


As said before, the journey of the remaining 12 contestants has ended for the main title, but they are and will always be part of the TGPC family.

Please join us on Sunday, 8 PM for the next episode in which the Full Performance videos of the Top 10 will be released!