[Episode 9] TGPC’s Miss India Season 5: Evening Gown competition – Elite Club’s Pick

Excitement is at it’s peak! We are approaching the end of the season. This Friday we shall know the Top 10 finalists. Within 10-12 days we shall know the winners! Till now 2 spots in Top 10 have been confirmed. Today is the time for the third spot to be filled! As always we are glad to have the support of the Elite Club, the premium members of TGPC group who have been following pageants from long and ‘know stuff’. Here is the score-sheet of the Elite club for the Evening gown competition.

Evening Gown competition – Elite Club’s Scorecard

Congratulations Divya Choudhary, you are the 3rd Top 10 Finalist of the season!


Leaderboard was another aspect of the competition where girls were given certain points for their performances in respective subtitle tasks. It consisted of 6 very important subtitles of the contest- Miss Golden Heart, Miss Multimedia, People’s Choice, Miss Photogenic, Miss Personality & Miss Talent. As per format, the Top 3 of Leaderboard would get direct entry to the Top 10 of finals. Have a look at the Leaderboard points table:Leaderboard

Congratulations to the Top 3: Tejaswini Rabha, Bonsi Verma and Ashwini Rangari. You get a direct entry to the Top 10 of the contest. It is interesting to note that Tejaswini Rabha already had a direct entry to the Top 10 for winning elite vote in Ethnic Wear round.

Upcoming episodes

  • Episode 10, Meet the Top 10 – On 5th October at 8 PM, the episode will be released. The judges’ scores of the evening gown competition will be released. The cumulated scores of the judges for the three walk rounds will also be released. The full Top 10 will be announced. The journey of 12 contestants will end.
  • Episode 11, Top 10 Full Performance Videos – On 7th October at 8 PM, the episode will be released. The full performance videos of the Top 10 finalists will be released.

See you this Friday for the next episode. Take care of yourself!