Miss Golden Heart Projects by TGPC’s Miss India Season-5 Contestants

TGPC’s Miss India Season-5 had customized its format to match the format of international pageants like Miss World and Miss Universe for a very simple reason, we wanted our girls to adjust to such formats so that when they go and participate in national and international pageants, they find an ease in nailing those tasks.

One such task was ‘Miss Golden Heart’ project which was formulated keeping in view the format of Femina Miss India and Miss World where the focus on Beauty with a Purpose project outweighs all other segments easily. While we knew that TGPC’s Miss India Season-5 Contestants would deliver well in this task, we were pleasantly surprised to see girls making deep efforts to promote their project in every possible way that the efforts taken by them have ripple effect and sustains for a longer period rather than just 1 day. Pride fills our chest when we see our girls taking wonderful efforts in making difference to the society by contributing to the best of their capability. Let’s have a look at the Top 10 shortlisted projects under Miss Golden Heart. One of these projects will be declared as the winner tomorrow in the episode set to release at 8 PM on this site.

Ashwini Rangari

Bonsi Verma

Darshana Nehulkar

Divya Girgaonkar

Garima Yadav

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" Miss Golden Heart Project " We don't realize but we discriminate people because of their impairments. We must not discriminate on the basis of race, disability, or sexual orientation. For this cause I went to Mahesh Drishtihin Kalyan sangh. This organization takes care of the blind & visually impaired children & provides education to them. Blindness don't define them. The positivity that they all carry with them is commendable. We all stand on the same grounds. Such organizations are doing great job by providing all the necessary resources & education to them. It's not necessary that we should donate money only . It's my humble request that we should donate our time. Share your experience with them. Join them in their social gatherings. They love when people come & spend some quality time with them. I've donated a part of my income & some food items to the organization. It was glad meeting them. #beautywithapurpose #missgoldenheart #socialwork #discoveringself #nodiscrimination #equality #tgpc #thegreatpagentcommunity #tgpcsmissindia @tgpc_official @tgpcsmissindia @thetiarapageanttrainingstudio @shilpi1310 @pepstories @mondsubindia @dimpleamrin @ritikaramtri At last but not the least I want to thank @schubhampatel for helping me in this great work🙏

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Hansika Rao

Komal Surwade

Muskan Kansal


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Woman come with superpower that no man can ever compete. Menstrual blood is the only source of blood that is not traumatically induced, Yet in modern society this is the most hidden blood, the one so rarely spoken of and almost never seen, except privately by women. I visited to a nearby village where women are still not aware about issues related to menstruation and maintaining personal hygiene during the period and dealing with associated physical problems. I conducted an awareness session in which all associated topics related to menstruation were explained like what is menstruation, calculation of period, problems faced during periods and ways to deal with it. I explained them about maintaining personal hygiene and it’s importance and also to avoid the traditional methods of using cloth. It’s time to spread awareness about menstruation and the basic hygiene related to it. Periods are not too gross, too weird or too inappropriate to talk about. . . Follow @tgpcsmissindia @tgpc_official @dr_nida_khateeb @dimpleamrin @thetiarapageanttrainingstudio @pepstories @mondsubindia @monisselect for more updates. . . #beautywithapurpose #missgoldenheart #tgpc #thegreatpageantunity #onlinepageant #shreyasharma4tmi #tgpcsmissindiaseason5 #discoveringself #tgpcsmissindia

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