Miss Grand Beautiful Armpits 2018: Wait, What??

Miss Grand Thailand

Miss Grand Thailand 2018 raised eyebrows of pageant fans with a very new and weird sub-contest by the name of ‘Miss Beautiful Armpits’ where all the 77 contestants of Miss Grand Thailand posed showcasing their armpits (Faces not shown in the pictures). The first reaction of general public led to mockery of the contest and few criticized saying it is quite a very bad objectification of a woman’s body on the name of beauty pageant. If we go by facebook translation tool, it also says,

’20 the highest-rated women will have to show their armpit in front of the expert board to consider the selection to be the only one with the most beautiful armpits in the country!’

Beauty pageants have always been criticized for objectifying women just because they include swimsuit round in it. Having heard of this sub contest, we really wonder how would they react to girls showing their armpits to a board of judges and whether girls would really be comfortable doing such sub contests? Reportedly, the winner of this award shall be given the prize of  200,000 baht by Silver Cuddle. Miss Grand Thailand sends winner to Miss Grand International pageant which is slated as one of the Top 3 pageants across globe. Few pageant fans also came up with a worrisome comment saying what if the international pageant also has similar subtitle and the international representatives ends up posing similar way.

How was your reaction to this sub-contest? Do you think it’s getting unnecessary criticism from the public? Do share your views in comment section.