Femina Miss India 2018 Resort Wear: Top 10 by TGPC

Femina Miss India 2018 resort wear pictures

Femina Miss India 2018 Contestants recently did a shoot in resort wear and we were amazed to see so many stunning pictures. This batch has lot of polished posers who can nail photoshoot round. It’s hardly one more week when we shall get to know who takes away the crown of Miss World India 2018. So while we await finale, let us have a look at 10 girls who nailed the photoshoot round.


Femina Miss India 2018 resort wear pictures
Delhi-Gayatri Bhardwaj

The pose of Gayatri is so well carved. It shows how well she is trained and how presentable she is. Her beauty once again stands out in the lot. A mega favourite to win the crown.


Femina Miss India 2018 resort wear pictures
Haryana-Menakshi Chaudhary

Meenakshi can easily give latina run for the money with this kind of shoot. Exotic picture with that dusky tone of skin. We also loved how beautifully the one sided off should dress suits her personality. She looks like a sexy siren here.


Femina Miss India 2018 resort wear pictures
Jharkhand-Stefy Patel

Stefy leaves us speechless. If we were to rank the photoshoot, this pic would be in our Top 3 for sure. With this picture, Stefy confirms her favouritism and crawls up our list of crown contender. Many have now started believing that she would be a major threat on the finale night with her super polished performance.

Madhya Pradesh

Femina Miss India 2018 resort wear pictures
Madhya Pradesh-Meena Ahir

Meena is believed to be one of the most pleasant surprise of the event. Our team feel Miss Photogenic award might just go to Meena. Her features are extremely symmetrical and loveable. Many also feel that she could be picked up for Miss Grand International this year.


Femina Miss India 2018 resort wear pictures
Maharashtra-Mehaak Punjabi

Mehaak’s picture is effortlessly beautiful. It’s like she doesn’t care to pose yet delivers a high fashion model posture. Perfect for print shoot and modelling, we absolutely love this leggy lass.

Tamil Nadu

Femina Miss India 2018 resort wear pictures
Tamil Nadu-Anukreethy Vas

Anukreethy just blew us away with this dusky and smoky shot. Out of nowhere, she just jumped up to people’s attention and has grabbed few eye balls appreciating her shot. The picture is a perfect combination of sex appeal and fashion icon.


Femina Miss India 2018 resort wear pictures
Telengana-Sai Kamakshi Bhaskarla

Kamakshi is one girl who has shown a major amount of transformation since the day she was shortlisted for Telangana state title. Don’t be surprised if this dusky beauty goes home taking away one of the crowns on the finale. The picture has a feeling of Monalisa Painting which reveals certain amount of mystery and certain amount of glamour. Kudos.


Femina Miss India 2018 resort wear pictures
Tripura-Mamita Debbarma

We just loved the way Mamita is sitting effortlessly like a supermodel and her hair is styled to perfection. Not to mention how beautifully the accessories are complementing her look.

Uttar Pradesh

Femina Miss India 2018 resort wear pictures
Uttar Pradesh-Himanshi Parashar

While Himanshi’s delivery still lacks the finshing, her beauty stands out in the picture. It’s hard to ignore the cuteness this girl brings on the table. Her eyes are the reflection of her inner beauty. Who would say she is the youngest girl in the lot?


Femina Miss India 2018 resort wear pictures
Uttarakhand-Sumita Bhandari

Sumita reminds us a lot of Anea Garcia, Miss USA Rhode Island 2015 and Miss Grand International 2015 (later dethroned). Sumita is one of the few dark horses in the competition who can climb their way to the crown when nobody would have expected her. She is in our radar of favourites.

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Picture Courtesy: Femina Miss India Organisation.