Olivia Jordan defends Miss Teen USA 2018 winner

Hailey Colborn from Kansas crowned as Miss Teen USA 2018

The selection of Miss Kansas Hailey Colborn has been received with negative feedback by many pageant fans. People are surprised how stunning contestants from Tennessee and Georgia were kept out of the Top 5. It looked like things were planned to make Hailey win! As the posts about the new winner are flooded with bashful comments, former Miss USA Olivia Jordan has decided to come out and possibly have the final word. Here is what she says about Hailey’s win:

She is incredible. Kansas nailed the question round. Knocked it out of the park. Which means she (likely) also nailed the interview portion with all the same judges. You guys blame IMG for what exactly? Contestants need to take note that they are looking for leaders and ambassadors. If you watch every pageant from the past 3 years it comes down to interview and final questions. The smart girls are paying attention and coming through with strong, confident answers. Well deserved Hailey!!!🙌🏼 I hope the Miss contestants call their interview coaches tonight and step up to the plate on Monday.

Do you agree with Olivia’s opinions?