Miss USA 2018: TGPC’s Pre-Arrival Hotpicks

So glad that Miss USA season is back! It is one of the best national pageants in the world, along with national pageants of France, Russia, Philippines, Venezuela and India. Of course, predicting Miss USA is becoming difficult because of change in criteria. But still, like every year, our experts have tried their best to pull off a good list. And like every year, we expect to do well! Let us see who they think can succeed Kara McCullough as Miss US.

Meet Miss USA 2018 contestants

Miss USA 2018
Miss USA 2018

Our top pick is Kelley Johnson of California. She is the talent contestant in the batch! But the reason we pick her is because of her stunning looks and amazing communication skills. She is what IMG is looking for! Alexandra Harper from Tennessee, who happens to be the daughter of Miss Tennessee USA 1981 Sharon Kay Steakly, is another girl who we think can take it all. Alexa Noone from New Jersey is someone who is less than no one. She can be the first Miss USA winner from New Jersey! These are our Top 3 picks for Miss USA.

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Among the other contestants in our Top 15, we need to note Miss Florida Genesis Davila. She has a rich pageant experience about which perhaps everyone knows. Also, she has been quite controversial due to her dethronement last year. If the pageant was still held under the ownership of Trump, this much controversy could have meant a sure-shot placement. In any case, we still see her placing and doing well. Who knows, she can even win Miss USA! Another contestant we must note is Marina Gray from Maine. She is short but then she has a background in the military which can help her chances in the pageant.

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This year again there is no clear favourite, unlike Miss Universe 2017 where Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters from South Africa was an obvious winner even before the pageant begun. The finals will be held on Monday, 21st May 2018. It will be shown on Fox Television. Interestingly, the show is traditionally held on weekends. It seems Fox moved it to Monday in order to cut viewership of competitor channels, 2-3 of which are showing finale events of some of their popular shows on the same date.