Bethany Harris crowned as Miss Wales 2018

Bethany Harris crowned as Miss Wales 2018

Stunning Bethany Harris was crowned as the winner of Miss Wales 2018. She will now represent Wales at Miss World 2018 later this year in China. She is 20 years old and battled out 27 other contestants in the competition to claim the title of Miss Wales. Bethany Harris succeeds Hannah Williams as the new Miss Wales.

At the same event, Celyn George was declared as the first runner-up while Holly Pilling was declared as the second runner-up. Bethany hails from Rogetstone and on being asked about how she feels winning the title, she replies,

“I am really excited for my year and want to be as busy as possible getting involved with Welsh charities and community organisations. Winning Miss Wales is a dream come true and I want to use this year to encourage other girls to go for whatever it is they want. Nothing’s guaranteed but you’ve to aim high.

“For me and the other finalists, I know that the Miss Wales experience has been a huge confidence booster and I would encourage anyone else who fancies the adventure of it to give it a go.”

Source: Wales 247