[Result] Pageant Question: ‘Should national pageant remove height criteria?’

Judge: Shweta Chhaudhary- Mrs. India Earth 2017 Winner
Judge: Shweta Chhaudhary- Mrs. India Earth 2017 Winner

So we recently asked a question to the followers of Miss TGPC regarding the most debatable topic in pageantry. It was about reducing the height criteria as most nation has minimum defined height requirement to enter a pageant. The girls below that criteria got no other option to enter that pageant therefore. Contradictory, the international pageants rarely has such criteria refraining the girls with shorter height from participating in pageants. We got a great response in this regard from our followers. The question was judged by Shweta Chaudhary, winner of Mrs. India Earth 2017. Here are her Top 5 Picks for the question. The evaluation was done from the answers received on Facebook and Instagram page of Miss TGPC.

Question: ‘Should national pageants remove height criteria? Why or Why not?’

Winner: Shreya Sharma

Winner: Shreya Sharma

Well, I believe that height matters in a beauty pageant because it helps you to be recognized and give you the confidence to be there on the ramp. However, one must stand out not because he/she is six feet tall, instead he/she should feel six feet tall.

1st Runner-up: Deekshya Singh

Beauty comes in all size , shape , colour and height. so it is justified if the height criteria is removed from national pageants. But we also know that National title holders represent their respective countries in International platform, where height criteria is an integral part of the pagent. so in my views it can be rightly removed from the national pagents if the International pagents abolish them too.

2nd Runner-up: Manisha Singh

The national pageants are bound to follow height criteria to make the winner compete in respective international pageant having that criteria (average height of women all over the world). But, I am also coming across new budding pageant organisations in India who are welcoming women from different sections of society irrespective of their marital status, age, height, size and many more. This makes me hopeful that these national pageants from different countries will themselves create a space and scope of international pageants with these unbiased criteria.

3rd Runner-up: Hana.lly

In a world, where prejudice is at every doorstep, we must find any way possible to combat it. A pageant showcases a person’s beauty, brains, charm and passion; and therefore it must welcome all aspects of beauty. If we make such specific constraints to ‘beauty’, aren’t we tampering with the reality behind beauty itself. According to me, it is not height or other unrealistic standards that makes a person stand out in a pageant, but the elegance that the person portrays during the pageant.

4th Runner-up: Sohini_n

Yes Height criteria should definitely be removed from our National Pageant because height can never decide the personality of a contestant. We are Indians and the average height of an indian Woman is 5’1 or 5’2 ..as the criteria in our pageant is 5’5 many young talented girls cannot fulfill their dreams of being a beauty queen neither they get a big platform to express themselves. If the organisation is concerned about international pageants then they should know that Miss Universe once crowned a 5’3 girl. Taking all these in consideration height criteria should be abolished.


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