Interview: Yukta Upadhyay, winner of ‘The Tiara Queen’ by TGPC for March 2018

Yukta Upadhyay wins The Tiara Queen by TGPC March 2018
Yukta Upadhyay with Mrs. Rajnee Subba

Yukta Upadhyay was declared as the winner of 11th edition of ‘The Tiara Queen by TGPC’ on 28th February which was judged Shivani Jadhav defeating other 13 contestants. She is 20 years old and stands 5’7″ tall. She is currently pursuing MBA from Narsee Monjee Institute. She is also one of the winners of Miss TGPC Season 4. TGPC got a chance to become candid with Yukta and to know more about her through an exclusive interview below. Let us have a look.

TGPC: Hi Yukta, please tell us something about yourself.
Yukta: My name is derived from Hindi word युक्त, which means a blend or combination and I find myself as a blend of many qualities, skills, aspirations and courage. I’m a technology management student at NMIMS and my branch topper there. I love sports and have also represented Madhya Pradesh at national level volleyball and handball tournaments. Dance and art makes me feel happy and my favorite place includes a stage, which makes me a performer. Born patriotic, I have also been an NCC cadet and I aspire to serve my country and it’s people by public administration and social services. I am currently working with Each One Save One, a social activity forum, where we aim to make the less privileged children, self sufficient. lastly, I would just say that I am a woman with a vision, who’s in a constant race with herself.

TGPC: How does it feel winning the title of ‘The Tiara Queen’ by TGPC in your first attempt?
Yukta: The feeling is satisfactory. During the entire course, I found various aspects on which I need to work upon and overcoming those areas to a little extent, on the final day really made me believe more upon myself. Special thanks to Ritika ma’am for the entire training and TGPC for giving this opportunity. I am also thankful to the judges for believing in me.

TGPC: What is one thing you learnt at The Tiara that you’ll never forget in life?
Yukta: There are really many things which I have learnt at the princess house – The Tiara but one thought, that strikes my mind first after reading question is, “Be hungry, but not starving.”

Yukta Upadhyay wins Second Runner-up Crown at Miss TGPC Season 4
Yukta Upadhyay with Summer Jacobs-World Supermodel India Teen 2017 and Shilpi Verma-Make up partner.

TGPC: You won Miss TGPC S4 crown and then The Tiara Queen by TGPC, how was the journey from winning to winning?
Yukta: The question elates me because this sums up the result of all the efforts I have been putting upon myself to improve the little dimensions of my personality. But at the same time, I find these titles as a step to move towards seeking the responsibilities of “The ultimate Crown”.

TGPC: What do you have to say about your mentor Ritika Ramtri, who has often been slated as India’s No.1 Pageant Trainer?
Yukta: Ritika ma’am is a person with strong and pure heart, who is definitely a no. 1 trainer because she does her work selflessly with immense passion. She’s full of energy and one of the best persons I have ever met. Seeking guidance from her was one of my dreams which came true. I really respect and love her from the bottom of my heart.

Yukta Upadhyay wins The Tiara Queen by TGPC March 2018

TGPC: What are your pageant aspirations in coming years?
Yukta: For the coming years, I have set my eyes to the blue crown and wish to bring it back again to our country.

TGPC: What is one weird thing that not many people knows about you?
Yukta: One thing that is not known by many people and can be weird for them to know is that I’m totally Desi at heart and I love to eat my food without fork and spoon.

TGPC: If there is one event in history that you could change, what would it be and why?
Yukta: I think it’s the history which builds our present. And every happening has a series of processes and events behind it’s occurrence, which happens for a particular planned reason. But still, if I could change one thing that would be the world war 1. Though it has certain positive aspects. But I don’t believe in getting that little heights at the cost of so much destruction, suffering, pain, torture and loss to human life as well as mankind.

TGPC: Which was your most favourite session from the class during your course?
Yukta: I think the make up session was really interesting. I have been a kind of person who chose to get tanning from practicing volleyball for the entire day on the court and study at night. I had zero idea about make up and I really love myself the way I am. But after attending the first makeup session, I developed my interest towards it and in the second makeup session I also won the tiara for “best makeup”. It has been my favorite because I realized that makeup is an art and a skill, which requires patience and self-love. I loved the idea of pampering myself during the makeup sessions, which also helped me to be more confident. I’m thankful to Ritika ma’am for helping me develop this notion towards makeup.  Also the makeup giveaways which we received from ma’am during the session, motivated us to do our tasks with perfection.

Yukta Upadhyay wins The Tiara Queen by TGPC March 2018

TGPC: Any message for the readers of TGPC?
Yukta: Yes. Firstly, I would thank all of you, for sparing your precious time by reading this. My message to all the readers is just the revelation of the fact that India is lacking in the happiness ranking, which means we are one amongst the least happy countries in the world. I think that it’s our responsibility to not only make our country, rather, the entire world a better place to live in. Let’s do at least one noble act everyday, be it feeding a hungry kid or talking to a lonely senior citizen and make our presence in this world really valuable. One small act a day, by each one of us can truly yield a lot of positive vibes in this universe. For all the pageant aspirants here, just focus and believe in yourself. Because a winner is the one who converts there every weakness and failure into success.
Lots of love, luck and wishes for each one of you.

Picture Credits: The Tiara Pageant Training Studio