7 important tips for every pageant aspirant.

7 important tips for every pageant aspirant.

While many of you must be preparing for your upcoming pageants, here are the 7 handy tips that will help you to prepare yourself little better and will also help you boost up confidence once you work upon them. Let’s have a look at 7 points jotted down by TGPC Pageant Expert Jinendra Aherkar.

Horse Kick-A Big No No:

Avoid doing the horse kick while starting the walk. Horse kick means taking a little hop before initiating the walk. It’s not a major issue, but if your competition is not doing it then the judges will take this in consideration while deciding the overall ranks.

Pre-plan your moves:

Decide what expressions you want to show on the runway beforehand. If you keep changing your expressions constantly while you are on the runway, it looks very weird. Search for the videos of Lu Sierra about facial expressions. Those videos will be very helpful in this regard.

Don’t Arch:

Don’t arch your back too much while walking. ‘Chest out’ does not mean arched back. When your back is arched, it looks a bit like your legs are dragging the rest of your body.  Loosen up a bit before entering the runway. When your muscles are tensed, it makes you look a bit stiff and awkward. Even doing simple warm-up exercises backstage right before stepping on the stage can help you a lot.

Eye to Eye:

Make eye contact with the judges. Most of the contestants didn’t look at the judges at all during their performances. It looks as if they are not interested. Always remember, when you are not speaking with your mouth, it’s your eyes that tell your story. Hence make eye contact with each of the judges.

Be Yourself in QA Round:

Try to be more candid while answering. Get rid of the pageant patty tone in your voice. Talk as if you are talking to your friends; just don’t use any swear words. If you are in a televised pageant, even a minor swear word will have to be censored during the telecast.

No Criss-Cross:

Avoid crossing your legs while walking. This is the most basic and common tip you will come across. But at the same time this is also the most common mistake amongst the pageant aspirants.

Test and Trial Wardrobe: While choosing a gown, record a video of you taking a small walk in that gown before buying it. This way you can be sure that your gown looks good in motion and what all places can it cause you obstructions.

Author: Jinendra Aherkar