Major International Pageants of the World!! [Super 7 Pageants]

Super 7: Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, Miss Intercontinental, Miss Supranational, Miss Grand International, Miss Earth

Every passing year we come across newer international pageants and some of them have such funny names! We The Great Pageant Community often receive queries about the credible international pageants. While credibility is something which we certainly cannot ensure to our viewers unless we have thoroughly been part of the processes of the pageant in question, we can certainly filter out few pageants which are deserve attention and appreciation. Exact number is 7; yes there are 7 pageants which we would label as MAJOR INTERNATIONAL PAGEANTS. History, legacy, winners, participation, association with social cause, grandeur, brand name – these are some of the factors based on which the selection of SUPER 7  is made.

Miss Universe 

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters was crowned as Miss Universe 2017 in the glamorous event.

Held since 1952, Miss Universe is one of the oldest and most prestigious pageants on earth. It has established a brand name for itself which most of the other pageants cannot even come close to. There are so many wonderful winners the pageant has produced. The show has lived many years of immense popularity and enjoys special appreciation for being professional, clear and transparent (relative to other pageants) in terms of format and overall presentation. The entertainment quotient is huge! The finale of the pageant is still the most awaited and often most appreciated among all pageants.

Miss World

Manushi Chhillar of India is Miss World 2017

Held since 1951, Miss World is as popular as Miss Universe. Just like Miss Universe, the pageant is immensely popular and has produced some really amazing winners. In fact some Miss World winners like Aishwarya Rai and Priyanka Chopra are often labeled as most successful beauty queens of all times. In recent years, the pageant is associated with a lot of humanitarian work. Miss World is an unbeatable brand name.

Miss International 

Miss International 2017 Contestants
Kevin Lilliana of Indonesia won Miss International 2017

Held since 1960, Miss International has built a strong brand name for itself. It has long legacy of some fabulous winners and traditions appreciated from decades. The pageant started in the United States but has been since 45 years in Japan only. If there is any pageant which can boost of such long history apart from Miss World or Miss Universe, it is Miss International.

Miss Intercontinental

Heilymar Rosario Velázquez of Puerto Rico won Miss Intercontinental 2016
Miss Intercontinental 2016,Heilymar Rosario Velázquez of Puerto Rico

After Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss International, a pageant that has truly rich and long history is Miss Intercontinental. It started as an event to promote tourism, but in no time gained a lot of popularity and fame. Every year more than 70 contestants from all around the world compete to win the coveted title of Miss Intercontinental. The best thing about the pageant is it’s clean image. It has been largely non-controversial since the year it was created.

Miss Grand International

Maria Jose Lora from Peru wins Miss Grand International 2017
Maria Jose Lora from Peru wins Miss Grand International 2017

It’s been just 4 years since Miss Grand International was created and yet there is no stopping to it. The pageant sees participation from girls from all around the world. The finals show is exciting and most importantly, the pageant manages to create strong buzz without fail every year.

Miss Supranational

Jenny Kim from Korea wins Miss Supranational 2017
Jenny Kim from Korea wins Miss Supranational 2017

Created in 2009, Miss Supranational is another pageant along with Miss Grand International which has achieved huge popularity in short period of time. The finals event is full of glamour and beauty. There is uninhibited swank by the contestants on the stage of the pageant which is usually always held in Poland.

Miss Earth 

Karen Ibasco from Philippines Miss Earth 2017
Karen Ibasco from Philippines is Miss Earth 2017

Like it or hate it, Miss Earth is here to stay. Held since 2001, Miss Earth can easily claim the title of most controversial pageant. It is mostly held in the Philippines. There are numerous medals given to contestants but they don’t seem to be related with placements since at times the girls with maximum medals don’t place in finals. The winners are at times controversial. Many fans accuse the pageant of favoring the Philippines. But again, Miss Earth has some achievements which no other pageant can boost. It is associated with the United Nations and actually held a live preliminary competition this year.

It is so wonderful that there are so many major international pageants in the world! It only means more opportunities for talented ladies from all around the world. Plus more competition means better pageants! The pageants have no options but to re-invent themselves regularly if they want to keep doing well in the competitive market. Also, most of these pageants are associated with good work for humanity and/or environment which is so wonderful!