Katarina Rodriguez: “Here is the EXACT moment where I turned FULLY into a woman.”

Katarina Rodriguez Veronica Vallejo

On 24th January 2018, Veronica Vallejo was crowned as the winner of Miss Intercontinental 2017 in a grand ceremony in Hurghada, Egypt. She won over beautiful contestants from all around the world, including the mega-favorite Katarina Rodriguez from the Philippines. It was a shocker to most of the viewers because the crown seemed to be in Katarina’s bag since the day she arrived in Hurghada. She was amazing in the national pageant last year and everyone thought the Philippines are intentionally sending their best to Miss Intercontinental so that the country can win their first Miss Intercontinental title. Gorgeous face, beautiful body and golden heart – she has it all. However, in the finals Veronica won. During the crowning moments, the crown fell off from Veronica’s head and the gracious Katarina picked it up for her. It was quite a metaphor, considering how Katarina was the Top favorite to win. As expected, the internet was full of bashing for the pageant and the new winner because some of Katarina’s fans could not accept the result. However, Katarina has posted a message on her social media in support of Veronica and it shows what a classy woman she is!

Katarina on her social media:

Here is the EXACT moment where I turned FULLY into a woman. Congratulations to Miss Mexico @veritosalasvallejo the new Miss Intercontinental 2017! You are a vision, truly. I came to Egypt for one thing and one thing only: the Miss Intercontinental crown. This crown to me represented my becoming a real woman. Myself, and DOZENS of people behind me dedicated so much time and effort to ensure I would win. I cannot say I would have done anything differently because I was very aware from the moment I stepped into the NAIA airport of every action and word I produced. I can tell you that after rewatching the coronation last night I can confidently say I was FLAWLESS. Never had I been more ready for anything in my life. I had hundreds of thousands of people right behind me and each of you were the gas to my fire. It was not about me anymore it was about YOU.
Here is the thing though, a queen does not necessarily have to be flawless. The Intercontinental crown did fall off Miss Mexico’s head when she was crowned and YES, I did have to pick it up and hand it to her. How could I not say it was such a painful thing for me to do? But when giving the crown to her I swear to you there was this energy that went through her and straight to me and this is where I knew I am no longer a child but a woman. Seeing her beautiful face while handing it back to her, well, I felt PROUD for her, and no pain at all. It was the lightest feeling I have felt in weeks. That crown was never mine and somehow always her’s. I don’t want to read any comments talking superstitions or anything hurtful especially from my Filipinos. Vero is a queen and she is MY queen, MY Miss Intercontinental 2017. She is a sweetheart and very much deserving. She taught me grace by her energy and warmth in a matter of seconds and only a true queen could empower another woman in such a manner. Let us keep that grace Philippines, for this is only the beginning. Viva Mexico, Viva Pilipinas. ❤️👑🙏🏼