Miss TGPC Season 4, Episode 6: Ethnic Wear Competition [Elite Club Results]

Every season is an opportunity for us to know fabulous girls from all parts of the country and they amaze us every now and then with their unique strengths. This season’s batch is perhaps the most dedicated and sincere batch we had by far. Many girls seem to be in it to win it. We are particularly impressed by the participation of the contestants in our sponsor challenges! This time choosing the winner of Miss Multimedia is going to be a tough task!

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Jimmy, Zain, Mohit, Prateek, Daniel, Priyank, Srishti, Roopa, Das, Rimzenith, Rajat, Ritika, Dennis, Kuldeep

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In this episode, TGPC’s Elite Club members have come up with their reviews and scores for the Ethnic wear round. The top scorer will get a direct entry to the Top 10. Here are some of highlights from the reviews of Elite Club for each of the contestant. Detailed review will be shared with all contestants.


  • Tanvi
    • Rimzenith – Her styling was on point and she was very graceful, she needs to work on her posture and her walk a bit.
    • Ritika – The styling was very good and the way she carried the saree was excellent.
    • Prateek – She needs to bring more spark in her performance she has got really good walk just needs more presence.
  • Advaita
    • Kuldeep – She need to work oh her hairs and then way she carry dress.
    • Srishti – She is looking great here.. She is looking confident here.. But she should work on her hand movements..
    • Das – Her walk was no exception yet again with that confidence but she has to smile a little less other wise she is good,
  • Yukta
    • Mohit – I loved her performance. She looked very confident. Just add little more simplicity in your walk, otherwise overall presentation was outstanding.
    • Jimmy – It was a very decent performance.. upgraded from the cocktail round.
    • Priyank – Its next to nice, she should avoid extra/over waist movements.
  • Adline
    • Daniel – She has been consistent in both the round..and I am really impressed and have a high hopes from her..I really like the way she plays with the camera and that face it just gives out lot of her personality which I am really impressed about but one thing that I didn’t liked about the performance was the way she kept her hand on hand and walked could have placed on her waist and walked it would have elevated her performance on another level.
    • Zain – You expressions are the xfactor of your performance, i wish you hadnot turned that forcefully at the end.
    • Rajat – She was terrific in this round. her facial expressions were bang on, her final pose was fabulous.
  • Madhumita
    • Roopa – Fine with the walk, need a better hair style.. This hair style made ur appearance dull..
    • Dennis – Girl am very very disappointed after seen your performance.
    • Rimzenith – What I like about her is that she looks elegant and natural without trying hard, hoping more from her next performance.
  • Gayatri
    • Ritika – This girl is like that one person in the room who lights it up with her presence and her performance did just that.
    • Prateek – I really loved the Energy she brought with her really a good walk as well as good expressions
    • Kuldeep – Her green saree was pretty good she was good over all.
  • Agrima
    • Srishti – Agrima is looking gorgeous in her attire.. But I was looking something more in her walk.. U can say her walk could be more innovative..
    • Das – Her walk was simple yet few gestures make her walk more impactful
    • Mohit – Good performance. She lacks perfection partially. Try rehearsing. She’ll do great. She’ll not only achieve perfection but also lot of confidence. Good Luck.
  • Surabhi
    • Jimmy – Plain walk. Wrong shoulder posture while posing
    • Priyank – She Knows what she is doing. Just a little guidance and change in the angle of vision about ramp walk would do wonders.
    • Daniel – Pink lehenga with a creme color blouse it’s a mis match dear..it’s just take away your interest to watch.. Secondly that posture is so late 2007.. Change your styling and build some confidence in your walk
  • Akshada
    • Zain – I thought first you are going to perform some dance number, not impressed
    • Rajat – she should have walked with attitude and give final pose and could have used her dress in much better way
    • Roopa – Enjoy the walk and please carry your outfit with ease.. Don’t show the pressure in ur walk..
  • Supriya
    • Dennis – Very nice performance and she look very lively in this round so keep going girl.
    • Rimzenith – What did you like in the performance
    • Ritika – She has that grace and poise in her performance, but the way she turned at the end was quite odd
  • Pramita
    • Prateek – this angry or fierce face is not really working for me and i think walk
    • Kuldeep – I felt she would have choose something else rather than plain saree.
    • Srishti – According to me, her attire was not properly tied.. A little smile could make u beautiful..
  • Deekshya 
    • Das – She improved a little on holding the poses but the walk still looked a little fast and rushed.
    • Mohit – I loved her grace and the wardrobe selection and styling suit best on her. She needs to improve her performance as the competition is tough here. She needs to achieve perfection and confidence.
    • Jimmy – Need more confidence.. low on energy
  • Pradnya
    • Priyank – She is ready to represent INDIA internationally. She is Bhairavi of Season 4.
    • Daniel – If I compare the Ethnic wear with the cocktail wear round her graph has went down tremendously.. After such a strong performance I had a high hopes from her but she completely disappointed new..her styling was disaster plus who wears a silver/grey high heels on a black sare.. Hopefully this might not cost her scoring
    • Zain – The only thing ethnic was your namaste at the end, you must clear up the difference between saree and coctail dress
  • Suhani 
    • Rajat – she was walking with attitude and that was really good but she should try to let her hands move in the motion of the body rather than making them fix in a position!
    • Roopa – Please work on the poses and improve your walk..
    • Dennis – Overall good performance but have to work on her projection and pose
  • Manisha
    • Rimzenith – She was better styled here but in terms of walking ,she needs to work more
    • Ritika – The choice of outfit for this round is perfect
    • Prateek – needs to work on walk and presence keep on practicing
  • Subhasmita
    • Kuldeep – Black saree was looking ok ok but not up to the ark.
    • Srishti – Subhasmita is looking gorgeous here n ofcourse confident too..
    • Das – She improved tremendously very much impressed with this girl,walk was way more impactful than the previous round but should have slowed a little.
  • Shweta
    • Mohit – Good performance. Everything was good. Overall Presentation was fine. Work little hard, you’ll be Pro very soon.
    • Jimmy – Can improve much more than this..
    • Priyank – She is so blooming loved her performance. She should try to fade those bouncy jumping effects from her walk.
  • Rishika
    • Daniel – You have a fair skin tone so less make up will make you look more good then that off too much make up secondly needs to improve the presentation and catwalk skills
    • Zain – Giving you a 9, because you have improved alot, which is a good thing
    • Rajat – she was ok but could do better if walk with attitude and bring variation in expressions. also opting for different final pose
  • Pragati
    • Rimzenith – She walked better than last time, but stills needs a huge progress
    • Roopa – Dear please practice more and more.. Don’t bend while posing.. Do practice..
    • Dennis – Love her overall performance she really improved


Congratulations Adline Castelino won winning the 2nd spot in Top 10!

In next episode (19th January 2018, 8 PM), the judges will reveal their scores for the ethnic wear competition. Don’t miss it!