Miss TGPC Season 4, Episode 4: Cocktail Wear Competition [Judges’ Results]

Judges – Kartik Behl, Pooja Sharma, Rajkanya Baruah

The first week of Miss TGPC is always fun! The contestants in past have admitted to have got a ‘reality check’ in the first week when they see all the contestant perform and get a feeling about where they stand in the competition. It can be a painful place for some girls, but nevertheless this is what they signed up for! Through these rounds, they learn about their strengths, weaknesses, where they need to improve  and where they need to accept themselves. It is precisely these aspects of the pageant that the contestants end up appreciating the most in the long run!

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In today’s episode, the judges reveal their scores for the Cocktail Wear competition. The judges’ scores of the first two weeks will determine numerous spots in Top 10. To be precise, the Elite Club’s choices will get direct entries in Top 10. The winners of 3 sub-titles will also get direct entries. All the spots left in Top 10 (minimum 5) will be filled based on judges’ scores.


Judges’ Score-sheet

Feedback from Mentors

Before we conclude the cocktail wear competition for this season, let us hear what the mentors have to say about it.

  • Bhairavi Burad on Team Nehal – “Nehal’s team was fairly good. Madhumita stood out clearly in terms of rampwalk skills while i thought Deekshya looked stunning but needs to polish posture and walk. Akshada kangane needs a lot of work to be done on walk, she needs to get used to heels! Rishika needs a balance between graceful n diva attitude. Agrima and Subhasmita were decent but have scope for improvement. Advaita has a gorgeous smile but I feel like she is holding back, movements look restricted, so just let go! But everyone has to improve on walk and posture!”
  • Nehal Chudasama on Team Shriya – “Now I know why Supriya is the winner of The tiara Queen by TGPC. Good going! Adline – This girl’s got an amazing communication skills.. No doubt she’s won PQ rounds. Walks with an elegant body language.. BUT keeping in mind it’s a pageant she needs to add some cheerful expressions and smile. Overall a stunner. Yukta– That Tall and modelesque body is her strength. Her walk would look even better if she’s lowers her shoulder movement. Shweta– needs to add a bit of grace in her walk.. Body looked a bit stiff. Surabhi– Let off those stiff hands while walking and she’ll be nice at ramp. Pramita– Pretty face would look even more prettier with a smile. Loved those postures and walk.”
  • Shriya Torne on Team Bhairavi – The overall performance of Bhairavi’s team was good but needs to work on walk and energy ! Tanvi and Gayatri were really good. I liked their styling and rampwalk skills. Suhani is beautiful but needs to work on her walk and smile, seems a bit stiff. Pragati needs to wear heels, get the ramp-walk basics correct and practice . Pradnya was overall good. Needs a little work on energy. And should move a hands a bit while walking. Manisha needs to work a lot on her walk. And needs to enjoy her moment.

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Next week the contestants will compete in Ethnic Wear competition. Catch the Ethnic Wear competition video episode on 14th January 2018, 8 PM!