Miss TGPC Season 4, Episode 2: Cocktail Wear Competition [Videos]

The walk of a person speaks a lot about him! You can know the energy of the person. You can judge how confident he is. The body language speaks a lot. These subtle things make or break the deal for the contestants in pageants. While there are numerous technicalities to the right or suitable ways of walking, at the end of the day it boils down to how much confident you are during your presentations. Easy it looks, but not many girls know this skill well. This is why the walk rounds are given high importance in Miss TGPC pageants!

For the coming few weeks, we will see contestants compete in walk rounds. Today is the Cocktail wear round! As the name suggests, the contestants are to present themselves in cocktail wears. The design of the dress they choose, the location, etc. – they are not important. It is the overall energy and beauty that the girl brings in her presentation – that is what counts! Let’s have a look at the episode video.

Episode Video

Elite Club’s Choice – The Elite Club members will present their reviews and scores in the next episode. The contestant who receive the maximum score from the panel will get a direct entry in Top 10! Yes, this Wednesday we will know the first Top 10 finalist of Miss TGPC season 4.

Panel of Judges – The panel of judges will present their scores in the third episode of the week. The scores of the judges for the first two weeks will determine numerous spots in the Top 10.

Here are the members of the esteemed panel of judges.

  1. Mr. Kartik Behl- Kartik Behl is the official presenter of the Miss TGPC Season 4 by the virtue of his firm ‘Atharv Creations’. Kartik is a very active member of TGPC and has a very sharp eye in spotting the potential winners.
  2. Ms. Pooja Sharma Pooja Sharma is a model, actress and beauty queen. She was the first ever winner of Miss TGPC Elite title. She has also won Femina Style Diva North 2017 1st Runner-up, Miss Indore 2016 and Campus Princess Lucknow 2017.
  3. Ms. Rajkanya Baruah – Rajkanya Baruah is a popular model in India and the winner of Femina Miss India Kolkata 2016 title and besides, a very active group member of The Great Pageant Community. She has been a judge in all seasons of Miss TGPC.

Do let us know your feedback on the episode in comments. And yes, we hope you are voting for your favorite contestant here.

As declared on our media channels, Madhumita Das was Elite Club’s choice for Miss Personality and hence she gets a direct entry to Top 5 of Miss Personality. Other girls joining her are Adline Castelino, Deekshya Singh, Advaita Shetty and Supriya Jaiswal. These five beauties will be doing live chats on Miss TGPC page soon. The best one shall get Miss Personality sub-title and direct entry to Top 10.

Join us on 10th January 8 PM in episode 3, to know the Elite Club’s choice for Cocktail wear round and the first Top 10 finalist of this season. They will come up with a lot of feedback for the contestants – the real treasure for them, which they can use to improvise. See you then!!