Kamila Świerc is chosen as Miss Polski 2017

Kamila Świerc has been chosen as the rightful winner of the prestigious Miss Polski 2017 title, which enables her the power to represent Poland at the next edition of Miss World. Kamila succeeds Magdalena Bieńkowska as Miss World Poland.

KAMILA ŚWIERC is Miss Polski 2017

Images used for the post are from Miss Polski page on Facebook

Poland is competing at Miss World for less than 4 decades. They boost of achieving a win at the prestigious pageant on their 7th attempt, which is lot better than many pageant powerhouses like the Philippines which had to wait for decades before winning the blue crown. The first win was by Aneta Kręglicka in the year 1989. In the recent years, unfortunately the polish beauties have been failing at Miss World to place high. Magdalena Bieńkowska did manage a Top 40 placement at the recent Miss World edition. Let us hope Kamila Świerc achieves a high placement at Miss World 2018. Thankfully she has ample time to prepare for the pageant. Her gorgeous and fresh face is another factor that supports her chances.