Interview with a Four-Time International Pageant Winner, Jin Seon Kwon Stewart

Jin Seon Kwon Stewart
Jin Seon Kwon Stewart is not new to pageant industry. He was Mr. World Canada 2014, Mr. Global Canada 2016, Mr. Grand International Korea 2017, and Mr. Universe Tourism 2017 (2nd Runner-up). This 27-year old chap is a graduate of Simon Fraser University who is half-Korean and half-Canadian. Jin Stewart speaks about his life and what motivates him to succeed in this special interview for The Great Pageant Community. Let us have a look.
TGPC: Jin, you have been very successful in pageantry, which has required a great deal of hard work and dedication.  What are the things in life that are most important to you? 
Jin:  God. Family. Sports. Personal responsibility. I am very thankful for God and his timing to allow me to be in this position. I believed I could do this because of the gifts that He has given me, but it had to be done on His time and not mine. My family has been supportive of this whole endeavor and been there for me through it all. Athletics has given me many life lessons and showed me how to work independently as well as in a team environment. Personal responsibility is the basis of my political beliefs as well as my personal values. It is a very neo-liberal view point and that suits me very well.
TGPC:  You have many interests and aptitudes, but what is your dream job? 
Jin:  Kpop star, obviously! But I want to be an educator. I think being in academia suits me best, and I would like to share my knowledge of political economy with others. Most liberal arts programs have been overrun with far left-wing ideologs, and I think that it’s important to bring a sense of balance and understanding of political ideology to students and let them make their own fairly balanced and educated decisions instead of producing radicalized postmodern neo-Marxists.

Jin Seon Kwon Stewart

TGPC:  What’s something on your bucket list you’d like to do? 

Jin:  Give a TED talk. It would be related to pageants for sure! I already know the subject and have most of it thought out already, but I just need to get the go-ahead to give the talk!

TGPC:  Jin, what would you say is the top quality that you admire about yourself? 

Jin:  Work ethic. My parents have done so much for me and I am beyond grateful for them. The thing I notice in myself the most is their work ethic. My father worked many long days to provide for our family. I never heard him complain–he just went to work because he had to provide for a family. I cannot explain the respect I have for him for that. My mother worked equally as hard making sure we had cooked food prepared when I came home from school or my father from work. Laundry was always done and the house was always clean. They worked extremely hard for me to be able to pursue my passions, and now as an adult I see that and want to be able to provide for them as they grow older.

TGPC:  What would you say is the top quality that you admire in others?
Jin:  I do admire intelligence. I am amazed by individuals that are extremely intelligent and can have deep thought-out political discussions without it breaking down into personal attacks, which happens far too often in this hostile political climate we now reside in. I also admire service and duty to others. I am very grateful for our troops and first responders. They are the ones putting themselves in harm’s way for us to protect us, to protect democracy and freedom, and I believe that they are greatly underappreciated. Beyond just the troops and first responders, those who serve in the economically marginalized communities, such as Tondo here in Manila, are really making an impact on the lives of those people whether it’s in feeding them or helping to educate them so that they can live sustainable lives.
We appreciate Jin Stewart for sharing about his multi-dimensional life and passions with us at The Great Pageant Community!