Miss Universe 2017: 15 Things We Loved About the Finals

Finally the most awaiting pageant finals of the year took place. While Miss World boosts of amazing pre-final activities for the contestants, Miss Universe every year has an exciting finals show. This year was no exception. At the end of 3 hours full of glamour, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters was crowned as Miss Universe 2017. She is the second Miss Universe from South Africa and was crowned by Iris Mittenaere of France. The show was hosted by Steve Harvey who frequently joked about his mistake during Miss Universe 2015 finals. Ashley Graham, Carson Kressley & Lu Sierra were the backstage commentators and did a good job. Here are the highlights of the finals show.

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters was crowned as Miss Universe 2017 in the glamorous event.

Best Things About Miss Universe 2017

  1. Introduction: The high-energy introduction of the contestants was so much fun to watch! It was pacey and exciting.
  2. Set: The set and the overall production was amazing. Certainly MUO is clear about where they want to invest.
  3. Good airtime to contestants: Throughout the show all the contestants gave a lot of airtime in form of Audio-Visual clips. No other pageant gives so much coverage to the contestants who don’t place. Some of the clips were particularly interesting, e.g. Miss Iraq’s story.
  4. Sri Lanka make cut after 61 years: It was really nice to see Sri Lanka make the first cut. She is truly beautiful and proved her mettle during the short interview with Steve Harvey.
  5. Colombia full of glee: Colombia’s reaction when she made the first cut was priceless. She was cheerful throughout the show.
  6. More airtime to girls during rounds: Thankfully the swimsuit competition was better this year than last year. Each semi-finalist got some individual airtime.
  7. Best in Swimsuit: Brazil, Colombia and South Africa were the best in swimsuit for us. Not only they were fit, they also had good energy and presence on the stage.
  8. Best in Evening Gown: South Africa, Jamaica and Venezuela were clear standouts in the evening gown competition. South Africa came out in a styling and dress different from the prelims and it worked big time for her. Jamaica worked her caped gown like a star. She looked nothing less than a diva.
  9. Best in National Costume: Momoko Abe of Japan deservingly won the Best in National Costume award and it was really nice to see her present it during the show.
  10. South Africa’s take on Gender pay gap: South Africa nailed the Top 5 question and answer round. She was quite straight forward in the way she dealt with the question. She made a point and explained in further concisely in the given time.
  11. Largely fair eliminations: The eliminations were largely quite good in all rounds. The selection of Top 10 from Top 16 was fine. The selection of Top 5 from Top 10 was fine. The selection of Top 3 from Top 5 was fine.
  12. Focus on intelligence: Interestingly the contents of answers were given importance while selecting Top 3 from Top 5. Venezuela was good in the round; her approach to answering the question was similar to the way most Venezuelan beauties have answered in recent years. But now content is more important than delivery.
  13. Fabulous Top 3 Answers: In the last round, all the three beauties gave good answers. Overall it made clear sense to pick Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters as the winners.
  14. Demi-Leigh’s victory moment: Demi-Leigh’s winning reaction was classy. She was overwhelmed with joy and tears of happiness as she was being sashed and crowned. Indeed the girl worked hard for her dream of winning the pageant and won it deservingly.
  15. High on entertainment quotient: Overall the finals show was a totally fun watch. It was perhaps the best international pageant finals of the year. Even with 3 hours, there was not a moment of boredom.

What were your favorite moment from the show? Kindly share in comments. 🙂