Miss Universe 2017 Preliminary Swimsuit Competition [Top 10 Choices & Full Gallery]

Miss Universe 2017 preliminary competition was recently concluded. Although the show is yet to be aired, video of the swimsuit competition is available on the internet. Our experts went through the video and picked up around 20-25 contestants who they feel did particularly well and can be considered as potential candidates for the position of Miss Universe. From these, the experts then undertook the herculean task of picking the Top 10 and then ranking them.

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10 # Angola – Lauriela Martins

Miss Universe 2017 Preliminary Swimsuit round

This was no surprise. We have big expectations from Lauriela and she lived up to the same in the swimsuit competition.

9 # India – Shraddha Shashidhar

Shraddha is highly prepared and it was clearly visible in her neat performance.

8 # Jamaica – Davina Bennett

Davina stands out with her hair-style, but the best thing about her presentation was the beaming confidence.

7 # Paraguay – Ariela Machado

Ariela is tall and in great shape. Overall the presentation was memorable.

6 # Thailand – Maria Poonlertlarp

Maria gave an energetic performance. There is scope for improvement, but she did a good job.

5 # Mexico – Denisse Franco

Denisse had a good fan-base in the venue. She put her best foot forward and gave a strong performance.

4 # Dominican Republic – Carmen Munoz

Carmen is a stunner and the preliminary competition has established her as one of the favorites to win.

3 # Venezuela – Keysi Sayago

Venezuela always delivers in this portion of the pageant and Keysi did the same.

2 # South Africa – Demi-Leigh Nel Peters

Demi-Leigh is downright gorgeous and presented herself quite well in the competition.

1 # Spain – Sofía del Pradoa

Sofia has a muscular yet very attactive body. She is tall and her presence is taller.


Top 20
GB, Indonesia, Peru, Philippines, USA, Puerto Rico, Israel, Russia, Honduras, Curacao

Image credits: Missosology