Miss Universe 2017 Preliminary Evening Gown Competition [Top 10 choices & Full Gallery]

Excitement is at peak because Miss Universe 2017 finals will be held this weekend. Like every year, the preliminary competition gives a good idea as to who can be expected to shine in Miss Universe 2017 finals. Like every year, some of the favorites have confirmed their potentials with strong performance in prelims while some ladies failed to make the impressions that they promised without speaking. Here are the Top 10 picks of the experts for ‘Best in Evening Gown’.

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10 # Paraguay – Ariela Machado

Paraguay is one of the beauties who did well in both rounds of prelims. Her stance and walk were impressive. We hope to see her do well in the finals.

9 # USA – Kara McCullough

You can’t help but compare Kara’s performance here with her Miss USA evening gown performance and we have to say she has improved a lot. There was a new-found confidence and spunk in this presentation. 

8 # Great Britain – Anna Burdzy

Anna gave an impressive performance in the Leo Almodal gown. Last strong performance from Great Britain came from Amy Willerton in Miss Universe 2013. Interestingly, she wore glittering red too in the finals.

7 # India – Shraddha Shashidhar

Donning a gorgeous gown by India’s leading designer Swapnil Shinde, Shraddha was down right impressive. She did everything right and gave her personal best.

6 # Dominican Republic – Carmen Munoz

Carmen is the revelation of prelims. This doll will hopefully shine in the finals too. 

5 # Indonesia – Bunga Jelitha

Since 2013, every year Indonesia places and this year the trend is bound to continue. Bunga’s presentation was flawless in terms of moves and walk. We loved her grace, elegance and overall vibe. The gown was so well-suited to her.

4 # Venezuela – Keysi Sayago

Pageant experts say that Keysi modeled herself after Eva Ekvall, Miss Venezuela Universe 2001. We loved the “not over the top, just the right amount of confidence and class” quality of her presentation. She has learnt from Mariam Habach’s mistakes.

3 # Thailand – Maria Poonlertlarp

Maria looked more composed in this round compared to the swimsuit competition. The energy was good and oh, she looked so pretty! 

2 # Spain – Sofía del Prado

Girls from Spain always make noise with their performance. This happened in 2013, 2015 and now 2017. Sofía looks much better in motion than in pictures.

1 # South Africa – Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

The gorgeous Demi-Leigh confidently pulled off an impressive performance even with this now-notorious gown. 


Top 20

Angola, Korea, Peru, Philippines, PR, Tanzania, Argentina, Canada, Mexico, Russia

Images: Missosology