Exclusive Interview with Shivani Jadhav, The Tiara Queen by TGPC for October 2017

Shivani Jadhav was declared as the winner of 5th edition of ‘The Tiara Queen by TGPC’ on 16th October which was judged by TGPC members. Shivani defeated 12 other contestants to claim this title. She is 21 years old and stands 5’7″ tall. She has graduated from MIT college in Pune this year and now is an IT engineer. She holds an experience of being a finalist of Miss Diva 2015 which was eventually won by Urvashi Rautela. TGPC got a chance to become candid with Shivani and to know more about her through an exclusive interview below. Let us have a look.

Exclusive Interview with Shivani Jadhav, The Tiara Queen by TGPC for October 2017

TGPC: Hi Shivani, please tell us something about yourself.

Shivani: Hello everybody, my name is Shivani Jadhav. I am 21 years old, an IT engineer from the city of Peshwas, Pune. I love to travel, to explore, to meet new people, listen to their stories and get inspired. I believe that a part of every girl wants to be a Miss India and that part of me has got me here today.

TGPC: How does it feel winning the title of ‘The Tiara Queen’ by TGPC in your very first attempt?

Shivani: It is just so beautiful to win the title in the very first attempt. But to be honest, from day one of my training, I actually thought that the crown will be mine and that I will win. And when it actually happened, it felt glorious.

Exclusive Interview with Shivani Jadhav, The Tiara Queen by TGPC for October 2017
Shivani during evening gown round at The Tiara Queen by TGPC October 2017

TGPC: You have competed in Miss Diva 2015 and since you have now been groomed at The Tiara Institute for your further pageants, how confident do you feel?

Shivani: I’m totally and literally confident about anything and everything around me. I’m just so ready for anything that might come up. All thanks to The Tiara❤️

TGPC: What is one thing you learnt at The Tiara that you’ll never forget in life?

Shivani: Since I’ve been in Miss Diva Universe 2015, I thought that I’m totally groomed and perfect and that I wouldn’t need any further training. But The Tiara made me realise that learning never stops and that there’s always so much to learn. You must always be open to learn and to absorb. That is something I’ll never forget in my life.

Ritika Ramtri
Pageant Coach Ritika Ramtri. (Pic of 1999)

TGPC: What do you have to say about your mentor Ritika Ramtri, who has often been slated as India’s No.1 Pageant Trainer?

Shivani:  I met Ritika Ramtri ma’am back in 2015 once. Her vibe and the aura which she carried was so good and pure that I decided right away that no matter what, I’ve got to get trained from her at least once in my life and so I did.! Apart from pageants and the training that she gives, I’m glad that I’ve got her to guide me all my life. She’s a gem of a person❤️

TGPC: What are your pageant aspirations in coming years?

Shivani:  I definitely want to represent India on an international platform , on the Miss World stage. But before that, I really really aspire to become the face of our country. I really want to be the ultimate Miss India first.

TGPC: Are you a giver or taker?

Shivani:  I give alot of dedication to make my dreams come true. I give alot of love to sustain relationships in my life. I give alot of passion in living my life to the fullest. I give alot of happiness to spread those smiles. And I think that’s exactly what makes me a giver.

Exclusive Interview with Shivani Jadhav, The Tiara Queen by TGPC for October 2017
Shivani during cocktail wear round at The Tiara Queen by TGPC October 2017

TGPC: How different is Shivani in general life compared to her pageant life?

Shivani:  I’m pretty much the same. I love to enjoy and to have fun and that is exactly what’s seen on the ramp when I walk. I’m very genuine as a person in life and that gets reflected in my answers as well. In a pageant you’re crowned for the way you are.! So it’s absolutely futile if you try and be someone else.

TGPC: Who was your best mate during your ‘The Tiara’ training?

Shivani: A very difficult question… I’ve had a beautiful experience with all of them. Chelsea was fun to be with and to just laugh around with.! From Ankita I got to learn to be strong and very courageous in life. Madhurima taught me to stay focused on myself and to not get intimidated by anyone else. Siddhi taught me to follow my dreams without any doubts. Soumya’s beautiful and soothing voice in her songs, reminded me to relax and step back in peace for a while. Nalini and Rajini di taught me to be unapologetic. They are all precious.

TGPC: How was the experience of going LIVE on TGPC FB page?

Shivani: Oh it was incredible. It was fun to answer each and every question from you guys. Each and every viewer was supportive. I’d love to go live again if given a chance. And also Aditi Pillai, you were really very encouraging and supportive. Thank you so much.

TGPC: Any message for the readers of TGPC?

Shivani: You guys are incredible. You all are doing a great job. The way you all support every girl over here makes every second girl out there want to be a pageant girl in her life. And that itself is a huge thing. It’s a huge platform and it will only grow bigger. Keep up that support. Lots of love.

Picture Credits: The Tiara Institute

Photographer: Anshul Sarin