Miss World 2017 First Hotpicks!

Within 2 weeks, we will know the successor of Miss World 2016 Stephanie Del Valle. Around 120 contestants are vying for the title of Miss World 2017. Here is the first hot-picks of TGPC after thoroughly analysing the contestants during their stay in China for the pageant. Our experts have went through the pictures and videos of all contestants before coming to conclusions.

Miss World 2017: First Hotpicks by TGPC

India, USA and Russia are the major crown-contenders for their stand out appearances in majority of the events, especially India who had been doing a commendable job so far and literally outshines every other delegate standing in picture with her. Russia and USA at times gets lost but they are still to be considered as the major threats for the crown. On other hand, Indonesia with her cute presence and likable personality has always been a talked about delegate of the contest. Australia, Kenya, Jamaica, El Salvador and France are gradually rising in the charts and some of them might just enter the list of front-runners once we see them in fast tracks. One thing to be noted is El Salvador has sent a wonderful and facially the best candidate in the competition so far. We would love to see her finishing Top 3 in the finale. China is the home delegate and is doing good enough to place in the Top 10.

Mexico, Poland, Brazil and Ukraine are not standing out as potential winners but it can be difficult to keep them out from the Top 20 as they have decent representatives having potential to create an upset during the finale. South Sudan is perhaps the tallest delegate and grabs attention without trying. Fiji is an unconventional beauty; with her unique look, she can do well in finale and may be fast tracks. Venezuela is a good speaker and finally might break the chain of non-placements for the country. Thailand, Philippines and TNT are being noticed but will have to show the spark in fast-tracks to place high.

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All in all, the crown seems to be between India or the three blondes – USA, Australia or Russia. Now the fast-tracks will start and who knows, someone totally new might rise up on the lists!

Credits: Miss World