Miss Grand International 2017: Top 7 of Swimsuit Presentation

Miss Grand International 2017 had Swimsuit presentation show where all the girls walked at poolside. It gave us all an insight to who are the REAL performer of the show. Here is a brief review of Top 7 girls who did best as per our Pageant Analyst Ritika Pal from TGPC.

Miss Grand International 2017 Swimsuit
L-R: Peru, Venezuela, Jamaica, Costa Rica, China, Mexico, Indonesia

Peru: Bang on body and a killer attitude. She walks like she owns the runway and sets it on fire as soon as she steps on it

Venezuela: With that walk she could be easily strutting the VS runway. The twirls are perfection and she is one of the best walkers of the batch.

Jamaica: When the competition started no one noticed her but slowly and steadily she has proven to be the silent killer of the batch. She oozes confidences, sassiness and grace all at the same time. Won’t be surprised if she makes it to the top 5 of the competition.

Costa Rica: Experience matters and CR is the perfect example of that. Having previously participated in other international pageants. her walk is perfection. She glides on the runway as if it was made for her. Perfection at its best.

China: Tall and modelsques, this Chines beauty is blessed with oodles of charm and a great runway walk. The way she struts and poses is just mesmerizing to watch.

Mexico: Latinas are know to be great at ramp walk skills and she is no exception. With a fit body and a great walk she is surely a crown contender.

Indonesia: She is here to get a back to back for her country and she is proving it day in and day out. Her walk in the best in SS competition cemented her spot as a front runner.

Miss Grand International 2017 Swimsuit Gallery

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Picture Credits: Miss Grand International Facebook Page