Top 15 Looks at Miss Grand International 2017 National Costume Round

Miss Grand International 2017 is going on in the full swing and it looks like it might just become one of the best pageants in terms of production and pre-pageant presentation value. Recently all the contestants of Miss Grand International 2017 dazzled down the ramp in their unique national costume which is always a treat to watch at any pageant. Out team went through the presentation of each candidate and narrowed the choices to Top 15 costumes who are extremely likable and has the element of being unique yet diverse from each other. Let us have a look at which are the costumes that made it to our list.

Top 15 Looks at Miss Grand International 2017 National Costume Round
L-R: Cambodia, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Jamaica
  • Cambodia: Cambodia looked extremely cute in the golden orange Sampot. Her presentation was finely executed.
  • Egypt: How can a Cleopatra ever look go wrong? A perfect balance of boldness and class.
  • India: India’s national costume had so many elements onto it that it looked very busy, pretty much like the multi diversity culture of the country. Anukriti carried with with extreme grace and the ease.
  • Indonesia: The dress of Indonesia created an illusion as if she was carrying whole country being her and that absolutely impressed us right away at her entry. She is a very strong contender to win the title of Best National Costume.
  • Jamaica: Jamaica’s bottom looks like an uprooted tree in a very good way. The multiple coloured feather adds a unique charm on to her beauty.
Top 15 Looks at Miss Grand International 2017 National Costume Round
L-R: Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Panama, Peru
  •  Laos: Laos carried a huge golden temple onto her shoulder which looked absolutely spectacular. Another stunning costume along with Indonesia for the title.
  • Malaysia: Power packed with horse power, Malaysia looked breath taking in this national costume.
  • Myanmar: The pose of Myanmar looks so refined that it gives us a feeling that she is a statue. She looked absolutely gorgeous.
  • Panama: The harpy eagle look of Panama does wonder to her national costume. She nailed it.
  • Peru: Peru had one of the dramatic performances of the night which continues to confirm her fan favouritism for the main crown.
Top 15 Looks at Miss Grand International 2017 National Costume Round
L-R: Philippines, Sri Lanka, United States, US Virgin Islands, Vietnam
  • Philippines: The major fornt-runner for the crown, Philippines didn’t disappoint in the NC round. Her dress wsn’t the most unique or the loudest but she carried it very well.
  • Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka earned a brownie points from us for that gorgeous Lion head onto her head.
  • United States: What an absolutely gorgeous Wonder Woman at MGI? Her look was finely carved and executed for the round which grabbed instant attention.
  • US Virgin Islands: This girl looked extremely adorable with pink costume inspired from the national bird.
  • Vietnam: Can Ao Dai ever fail at pageants? Well, No. Miss Vietnam grabbed the eyes of the audience in the stunning red Ao Dai.



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Picture Credits: MGI Facebook Page.