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Marisol Acosta is Miss Universe Uruguay 2017

Marisol Acosta is chosen as Miss Universe Uruguay 2017. She succeeds Magdalena Cohendet as Miss Universe Uruguay and will participate in Miss Universe 2017 next month in Las Vegas, the United States of America to win the coveted title currently held by the gorgeous Iris Mittenaere of France.

Marisol Acosta is Miss Universe Uruguay 2017

20 years old Marisol Acosta stands 5 ft 11 inches tall. She works as a model. The stunning height and gorgeous face are her main weapons at Miss Universe. But again, she doesn’t have much time to prepare for Miss Universe 2017 and doesn’t have any major pageant experience either. Also, the Miss Universe Organization now seems to prefer girls with meaty profiles, which Marisol lacks. Anyway a good attitude and strong communication skills can still help her chances.

Uruguay has been sending delegates to Miss Universe since 1952. They have placed six times. In fact Uruguay placed in the first three years of it’s participation in Miss Universe. Their highest placement was achieved by Andrea Beatríz López Silva who was 4th runner-up in Miss Universe 1985. Unfortunately, the country has not placed in Miss Universe ever since then! It’s been more than three decades now. Will Marisol Acosta break the long unfortunate chain of failures at Miss Universe?

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