Miss Earth 2017: First Official Hotpicks by TGPC

Miss Earth enjoys the reputation of being one of the most popular pageants of the country. It enjoys huge support from many pageant fans. Some highly reputed international organizations have associated themselves with Miss Earth. The winner of the pageant is involved in numerous environmental welfare activities during her reign. No wonder Miss Earth 2017 is also gaining a lot of buzz. The 89 contestants will compete in the grand finale event in Metro Manila on 4th November 2017 and Katherine Espin will crown her successor.

Here are the choices of our experts for Miss Earth 2017.


  1. Miss Earth 2017: Thailand is fielding perhaps their strongest delegate to Miss Earth ever in Paweensuda Drouin. She will take the internet by storm for one year if she wins the title!
  2. Miss Earth Air 2017: Andreia Gibau is second in our list by whiskers. She will be the first Miss USA and black beauty to win Miss Earth title, if she wins.
  3. Miss Earth Water 2017: Ninoska Vasquez is bound to continue the success of Venezuela at Miss Earth. She is downright gorgeous and comes with strong preparation.
  4. Miss Earth Fire 2017: Faith Landman of the Netherlands is the strongest European at the moment and it would be really nice to see her place high or win.


  • Poland looks very striking and stellar.
  • Panama looks like a black barbie.
  • Mexico is quite tall and hopefully well-prepared.
  • Colombia is sexy and sassy, like you expect from the country.


  • Kyrgyzstan has a sweet, demure presence about herself.
  • Philippines – you can’t keep them out for two years in a row, plus this girl is overall good.
  • India is passionately working for the good of mother earth since long and has even won a rendezvous with Al Gore, Nobel Prize winner as a climate change leader.
  • Vietnam is sparkling and gorgeous.
  • Puerto Rico is the face of Caribbean.
  • South Africa is the best in Africa.
  • Hungary is one of the popular delegates.
  • Switzerland has made some notable appearance already.

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All in all it’s a wonderful batch at Miss Earth this year and we are exciting to see how the pageant unfolds in the coming three weeks!

Credits: OPMB