How to prepare for pageants on your own? [Pageant Query]


Ms Ritika Ramtri of The Tiara Pageant Coaching Studio is the leading pageant coach of India and the best help a pageant aspirant can find.

There are many girls who want to train themselves for pageants but are not in position to join a pageant coaching school due to many reasons like finances, location, lack of support from family, studies, work, etc. While taking help of a good coach can be helpful, there are ways by which one can prepare for pageants on their own.

Preparing for pageants without formal coaching

  1. Many online resources are available that can help you in grooming. For example, Pageant Tutorials on TGPC.
  2. Most people have smartphones. Shoot videos of yourself walking and talking like it is done in pageants. Analyse your performance and re-shoot videos with improvements. Repeat this and you will improve with time.
  3. Watch pageants! Go through as many pageants as many you can. Just watching the pageants will give you a lot of understanding about pageantry.
  4. Actively participate in internet groups where fans discuss about pageants. Fans often have a lot of insights which can help you understand pageantry better. In fact some fans are kind enough to help you in your preparations with their feedback.
  5. Work on your fitness. Join a gym. If you can’t do that, go for jogging or swimming regularly. Fitness is important for everyone, even the ones who have no pageant aspirations.
  6. Participate in debates, elocution contests and group discussions. Stay updated with current affairs. Prepare yourself to speak with confidence in front of groups.
  7. Read about body language in books and on the internet. Practice good body language and posture as often as you can.
  8. You can join Miss TGPC. It is a wonderful way to learn and grow as you enter the world of pageantry. In fact, winning Miss TGPC can also fetch you a free course in The Tiara Pageant Coaching Studio!

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These are some of the ways by which you can prepare for pageants on your own. In fact you can also come up with your own innovative techniques! After all, where there is a will, there is a way. 😉