Miss United Continents 2017: Final Hotpicks

There are many reasons to appreciate Miss United Continents pageant. Since few years, it has gained momentum and is now talked about as one of the major global pageants. There is a continuous improvement in the overall quality of contestants and the way the pageant is conducted every year. This year some countries have sent some really powerful contestants and there is significant improvement in the pageant activities too. We predict that in a decade or so, if the pageant sustains the way it functions, it can be among the Top 5 international pageants.

Miss United Continents 2017
Row 1: Colombia, Mexico, Russia Row 2: Ukraine, Panama, India

Here are the top choices of our experts:

  1. Colombia: Yenniffer Hernández is our top bet for the title of Miss United Continents 2017. She will be a safe choice because she is perhaps the most popular contestant among the followers of the pageant. And why not, she is beautiful, sassy, presentable and charming.
  2. India: Next in the list is Sana Dua. Sana is introvert and perhaps more on the intellectual side. But she is pretty, fit and presentable too. India has been doing well in the pageant and the country continues to send one of their strongest delegates of the year to the pageant. It will be no surprise if the loyalty of the national organization is finally honored
  3. Mexico: Roxana Reyes is vivacious and charming. She is not the ultimate front-runner in eyes of many, but she is one girl who can rise up in the finals and win it all.
  4. Russia: Tatiana Tsimfer is a stunning blonde. Her body is flawless. Her abs can make anyone jealous! If the organizers favor physical beauty, this lady will be among the top choices of the judges.
  5. Ukraine: Alina Pigun is like every other queen from the country – regal and divine-looking. Her victory can be a pleasant surprise, although her placement seems quite probable.
  6. Panama: Paulette Sanchez stands out in the bunch due to her aura and presence. Her confidence is striking. However, we feel she can be a very ‘usual’ choice for winner, though her presence in the Top 5 will be no surprise.

Completing the Top 10: Thailand, Dominican Republic, Philippines, Ecuador.

We really hope the best girl in the finals wins. It would be nice if the organization picks a fresh winner, someone unconventional and yet deserving. Let us see whom Jeslyn Santos crowns within few hours!

Credits: Miss United Continents