5 Reasons why people miss ‘Trump Era’ of Miss Universe

In Trump era, finalists picked questions from a bowl. In new era, the questions are pre-decided for the finalists.

It’s been almost 2 years since Miss Universe was bought by IMG from Donald Trump and people are already missing Donald Trump. While Donald Trump’s image as the president is debatable (in fact he has many haters), people are realizing how wonderful he was as the owner of Miss Universe. Here are some reasons why Miss Universe was more fun during the Trump Era.

  1. Clarity: 
    • There was more clarity about what Miss Universe organization was looking for in the winners. Donald Trump was quite clear and open about what he was looking for – BEAUTY. However, the criteria of IMG is not that clear. Girls with controversies, stories and heavy profiles are getting more footage in the new Miss Universe. There is nothing wrong with this, in fact a bit of this happened even in the Trump era. But the problem in new Miss Universe is that it is happening a BIT TOO MUCH.
    • In fact, even some of the results of Miss Universe and Miss USA in new era are debatable. How was California snubbed from Top 5 in Miss USA 2017? How did Miss Canada make the cut in swimsuit round over fitter contestants like Miss Indonesia?
    • The venue of the pageant was usually known in advance in Trump Era. The administration was usually smooth. In new era, it is not the case. Within 2 months, new Miss Universe may be crowned, but still there is no 100 % official announcement about venue of Miss Universe 2017.
  2. Top 15, Top 10, Top 5: 
    • Donald Trump simplified the whole format of the show with 2003. Top 15 and Top 10 competed in swimsuit/evening gown rounds and then Top 5 competed in Q/A round. It was simple and fun. In Miss Universe 2016, the format was 13->9->6->3. While the change is not major, but it still not as clear as it was in Trump Era.
  3. Focus on contestants: 
    • Each contestant got airtime in each round. In the new era, at a time 3-4 contestants are coming on the stage and each contestant gets much lesser airtime. Wonder how judges are making their decisions!
  4. Focus on beauty:
    • As mentioned before, Miss Universe was all-in-all a beauty pageant in Trump Era. Now the pageant is CONFUSED. There are way too many videos about the contestants in the show. The competition element is diminishing. The finals were fun to watch in Trump Era.
    • There are no glam-shots, no evening gown portraits! In Trump Era, these were released and on time.
  5. Personality of the show: 
    • Unconfirmed reports say that Miss Universe doesn’t want to be referred as ‘pageant’ anymore but wants to be called as ‘competition’. It is turning into a reality show.
    • Some Miss USA/Universe aspirants have openly declared how they don’t want to be part of the show anymore because they don’t understand what MUO is looking for. Even directors and coaches are confused and unhappy.

All in all, people are missing Trump Era. People knew what the show was about and what to expect. The grand finale was fun to watch and highly entertaining. Miss Universe under the aegis of IMG is CONFUSED.

Image source: Parade