Miss Diva 2017: First Hotpicks by TGPC

It been 10 days already since the journey of Miss Diva 2017 started and 15 contestants were put through various photoshoots, video shoots, tasks etc. While Miss Diva team had been releasing the pictures and videos of the girls, we at TGPC were observing the performance of each girl and were building up a probable list of favourite who are expected to do well in the competition. Based on the outputs we have seen so far, our team has picked 7 girls who we think has very high chances of making it to the finale (assuming Top 7). The list in the order of our choices is as below.

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Miss Diva 2017 Hotpicks

Winner: Shannon Gonsalves

Shannon Gonsalves

Shannon has been one of the most consistent players till now in the photoshoots and introduction videos we had seen. Besides, the height of Shannon is 5’9″ which is something that can easily stands a girl out at stages like Miss Universe. She is just 21 years old yet is very smart girl who can talk her heart out in the cutest way possible. She has a facial charm which can easily mesmerize the judges. As of now, we see wind favouring her.

1st Runner-up: Apeksha Porwal

Apeksha Porwal

Apeksha has already taken people in her favour by the transformation she has shown. Her introduction video was rated as the best by our experts. She seems to have improved her styling and her presentation, which is obviously visible. We see her as a perfect representative for Miss Supranational or may be some other pageant if Times has the franchise. It would be interesting to see if she can continue this lead till finale.

2nd Runner-up: Shraddha Shashidhar

Shraddha Shashidhar

Shraddha is another very strong competition out there. She has a very engaging personality with extremely photogenic face. She is a easy to go and fun loving person and this is what makes her interesting. Although we have placed her at second runner-up, we would have her to either win Miss Universe India title or be out of Top 3 as we don’t want her to get wasted to any other pageants. She can rather comeback and compete stronger for Miss Universe India title next year. People also say she would be a wonderful representation at Miss Supranational but then wasting such a talent to a pageant where chances of winning are almost NIL won’t make sense.

3rd Runner-up: Tejaswini Manogna

Tejaswini Manogna

Tejaswini is everything that Miss Universe is looking for in their winner now a days, great stores and a woman of substances who connects well with mass, and she could have been our very first pick for the winning position. The only thing that stopped us from keeping her higher was the lack of time to understand the pageant, its requirements, to strategize for the same and the time to work upon the body frame. Remember, Tejaswini isn’t a typical pageant girl like the 3 mentioned above, so she needs proper training before we expect her to win Miss Universe. Just like Shraddha, she should either win Miss Universe India title or come to Femina Miss India title and win there. Such girl shouldn’t be wasted in minor pageants at all.

4th Runner-up: Shweta Gadad

Shweta Gadad

One of the silent killers and exotic looking girl of the competition. Having seen her at Miss Earth India 2016, we are amazed with the growth she has in this contest. She is a charmer and has capability to lock herself in Top 3 in the finale of Miss Diva.

5th Runner-up: Menka Rai

Menka Rai

Having won Campus Princess, it is definitely a push for Menka to get into the Top 7 based on past trends. Menka has that facial charm and a very lean body frame combined with tall height. She however lacks a bit on communication front which should be worked upon. Having said this, she still has potential to place high and we might see her winning Femina Miss India Madhya Pradesh next year.

6th Runner-up: Vijaya Sharma

Vijaya Sharma

Vijaya has improved from her previous stint at Miss India in 2013. However, her only option to win at Miss Diva is either winner position or second runner-up crown as she isn’t eligible to win Miss Supranational India title because she represented India at Miss Supranational 2013. While she speaks, you can still see the lack of confidence and this is what made us keep her out of our Top 3. Lets see how she climbs the ladder in coming days.

Pic Courtesy: Miss Diva FB page.