Roma Jee wins Pageant Questions Season 3!

Roma Jee

Roma Jee, a dentist from Odisha, has won the third edition of Pageant Questions Season 3.  She succeeds Nehal Chudasama from Mumbai as the winner of the prestigious competition.  Interestingly, Roma was also fourth runner-up at Miss TGPC 2017 pageant this year.  In the prelims, she could not win any episode, but she placed in most of them.  She was the top scorer of the leader-board among the non-winners (2nd position in leader-board overall).  She also got maximum support in terms of YouTube likes on her video, thus getting her a direct entry in Top 3.

The judges of the finals were: Ms Ritika Ramtri (India’s leading pageant coach from The Tiara), Ms Sanjana Ghosh (owner of popular brand Busy Bee in Pune) and Ms Rajkanya Baruah (Femina Miss India East 2016).

Comments of Judges on Roma Jee’s Performance

  • Ms Ritika Ramtri: Roma was very articulate. Her answers reflected maturity though I wish she had answered the question about inventions better. Her voice modulation and air of calm was what made me rate her highest.
  • Ms Sanjana Ghosh: Just her sheer confidence and not trying to hard and being real!  I like this girl.
  • Ms Rajkanya Baruah: Calm as she was in Miss TGPC, her aura is very infectious. You have already made us proud and you will continue to do so!

Final Score-board

Second position went to Chinkey Saini of Delhi.  She was 1st runner-up last year also.  Third position went to Preeti Jiwane, engineering student from Nagpur.  Fourth position went to Khushi Burad, a 15 years old student from Nashik.  Fifth position went to Zain Ulabedin Sabir, an electrical engineer from Sialkot, Pakistan.

Prizes: Roma Jee gets a gorgeous crown as the winner of PQAS-3 series.  She also gets a free course at India’s Top Pageant Coaching Institute, The Tiara.  Top 3 will get gifts from TGPC.

Winning reaction of Roma:  We asked Roma Jee to Go-Live on Facebook and during a Live Chat, we revealed to her that she won.  Her reaction was priceless!  Have a look.

Here is the winning performance video of Roma Jee.

We extend our hearty thanks to the participants, judges and the viewers!  With this series, our intention is to provide more entertaining and highlight talent after thorough scouting and gladly this year too we achieved our goals!  Congratulations to all the winners.