Femina Miss India 2017 Contestants who can do wonders at Miss Universe!!

Each year a new batch of Femina Miss India contestants arrive, compete and a few conquer. But, some of them leave a lasting impact giving shape to another set of strong potentials who can do equally well or even better at Femina Miss India’s sister pageant Miss Diva, the pageant which selects a winner who goes on to represent India in Miss Universe.

Unlike every other year this year Femina Miss India selected a sole winner for each of the 30 states of India. Which clearly means that each state was represented by the best possible candidate for this year. Though like every other year this year’s Femina Miss India batch also witnessed some exceptionally good candidates some of whom faired well in the same pageant. But, during the same process it also witnessed a few of these exceptional girls being left out since it is a competition and there can be only three winners. On a positive note this leaves us with a positive thought that  these exceptional candidates have another chance at proving their mettle by competing for the title of Miss India Universe which is supposed to commence in a month from now.

So, getting to the point, we feel these are those strong potential candidates from the batch of Femina Miss India 2017 who can do very well at Miss Diva-Miss India Universe 2017 and potentially bring laurels at  Miss Universe 2017 !


(1) Shefali Sood, Femina Miss India Uttar Pradesh 2017.

Shefali Sood, Femina Miss India Uttar Pradesh 2017
Shefali Sood

This Femina Miss India 2017 Top 6 finalist can walk the walk, has a gorgeous face and is impressive when it comes to speaking. She has been training hard for a long time now under the able shelters of India’s premiere pageant coaching institute-‘Tiara’ , which shows her dedication for the cause.

With her commendable stage presence topped up with a gorgeous face she can surely raise India’s chances at Miss Universe 2017 to sky’s limit!

Areas to work on : The only area she needs to work on is her physique, since Miss Universe has a swimsuit round, thus it gives a certain amount of weightage to physique, which is quite visible with the level of competition the international contestants bring for this particular segment!

(2) Maira Chowdhury, Femina Miss India Delhi 2017.

Maira Chowdhury, Femina Miss India Delhi 2017
Maira Chowdhury

This Delhi girl started as being one of the strongest candidate at Femina Miss India 2017, with many touting her as a front runner. But, what happened later still remains a mystery. She finished as a top 15 finalist and her exclusion from the top 6 came as a shock for many! Anyways it is  past and there is no point in dwelling in it!

So, going by her entire pro forma and performance at Femina Miss India 2017, she still stands as one of the strongest potential for Miss India Universe 2017. Her confidence is intimidating, her stage presence is alluring and when she opens her mouth she owns it all! The way she presents herself oozes class and the way she puts forth her ideas and thoughts on diplomatic issues will surely catapult her to success at Miss Universe which is known to bombard the contestants with question on controversial and diplomatic global current issues.

Without a doubt this a girl who channels the aura of Miss India’s of 90s, which brings us to the thought that she can bring India’s 90s glory back!!

Areas to improve on : It is well known that Maira is weak at Hindi speaking. The problem doesnot lie in this fact, but it lies in the thought of feeling inferior or less Indian about it! She just needs to own up to it. Moreover, Miss Diva puts more emphasis on English over Hindi with the entire series being aired on an English Network Channel as an all English program unlike Femina Miss India which is more Hindi oriented. Plus, one rarely communicates in Hindi at an international pageant. So, how does it even matter?

Apart from this there had been insider’s news during the pageant month that Maira used to be quite reserved and didn’t mingle a lot with her co-contestants and staff, which can be fatal for any pageant aspirant’s chances. If this is true, it could have been a major reason of her not advancing beyond top 15. So, this may need to be worked upon!

(3) Anukriti Gusain, Femina Miss India Uttarakhand 2017.

Anukriti Gusain, Femina Miss India Uttarakhand 2017.
Anukriti Gusain

Anukriti had one of the best faces in Femina Miss India 2017. This former Miss Asia Pacific World 4th runner up and two times Femina Miss India Top 5/6 placer is one of the most experienced pageant girl in India at the moment, giving her an extra edge over any other girl. Moreover, comparing her performance over the years, she has come a long way. Said that she can do wonders  at  Miss Universe.

Areas to work on : Though there isn’t much that needs to be done as she is already prepared being a pageant veteran, yet to be the best of herself she can still improve on her communication skills with main focus on trying to seem more natural than well rehearsed !


(4) Lichaa Thosum, Femina Miss India Arunachal Pradesh 2017.

Lichaa Thosum, Femina Miss India Arunachal Pradesh 2017.
Lichaa Thosum

Thosum is a perfect combination of beauty and brains. This exotic beauty from the less discovered North East India has been into multiple loco-regional pageants in the past few years, with her greatest accomplishments being a 1st Runner Up spot at Sunsilk Mega Miss North East 2016 and a top 15 placement at Femina Miss India 2017. All this clearly points out to the amount of pageant related experience she has gathered over the years.

Thosum has a calm aura around her which creates a mystery about her, wanting us to know her more. And when she speaks she just grabs everyone’s attention with her thoughtful and witty answers. Her stage presence and ramp walk skills add on to the list of her qualities. Without a doubt she was the best speaker and the best over all performer from her region in Femina Miss India 2017.

All and all we feel her exotic looks, great stage presence and thoughtfulness can take her very far in Miss Universe.

Areas to work on : Presence (checked), Rampwalk (checked), physique (checked), Communication skills/thought process (checked). So, there is hardly anything that she needs to improve on. Though, if one presses too much for it, she can ‘refine’ her English speaking skills. Rest all seem quite good.

(5) Aishwarya Devan, Femina Miss India Maharashtra 2017.

Aishwarya Devan, Femina Miss India Maharashtra 2017.
Aishwarya Devan

With a gorgeous face, great stage presence and great rampwalk skills, Aishwarya Devan has already proved her strengths quite well by placing in the top 6 of Femina Miss India 2017. She has an impressive on camera presence, in both still images and videos which can take her far in Miss Universe. Plus being an actress her experience in front of the camera will give her an extra edge for the same.

Areas to work on : The major area to work on has to be physique. Since, Aishwarya isn’t towering she will have to make up for that, especially when she will be supposed to compete against women with gorgeous figures from around the world. After all it is a competition and she will be judged on it!

(6) Amardeep Kaur Syan, Femina Miss India Gujarat 2017.

 Amardeep Kaur Syan, Femina Miss India Gujarat 2017.
Amardeep Kaur Syan,

Unfortunately, Amardeep couldn’t make it to the top 15 at Femina Miss India 2017 but this doesnot mean that she is not strong enough.

She is tall, lean, has a pretty face, has an impressive walk, speaks pretty well and is quite humble and giving by nature as stated by her roommate Sana Dua. She somehow channels Manasi Moghe’s aura, who herself couldn’t place in Femina Miss India in her year but later went on to win Miss Diva in the same year, finishing as a top 10 placer at Miss Universe.

Amardeep just needs to sit back and figure out what went wrong during her attempt in Femina Miss India 2017. Work on it and strike back stronger than ever before! She has it in her…she just needs to trust herself and give it another shot!

Areas to work on : Stage presence and confidence. Rest she needs to figure out herself as she has past experience of pageants. So, she can be a better judge of herself

(7) Simran Choudhary, Femina Miss India Telangana 2017.

Simran Choudhary, Femina Miss India Telangana 2017.
Simran Choudhary

Simran is a performer with undeniable presence and confidence! She may have missed the cut at Femina Miss India 2017, but her confidence in the talent round and her strong presence in the promotional video for Femina Miss India 2017 web series to be aired on Jio Cinema has been amazing. She is an actress so she knows her angles and how to work with the camera, which will give her an extra edge like for Aishwarya Devan. Apart from this Simran is fabulous speaker and a genuine person even when on camera, which is an important quality when it comes to Miss Universe!

Areas to work on : Though she has evidently worked on her physique since her Telengana win, but she still needs to continue working at it to meet the level of competition at Miss Universe! So, if she continues with the progress and keeps up with her strengths she can be a very strong candidate for Miss Universe !

So, all and all these are the girls who we feel are very strong and ready to go at the moment with some little work here and there.

Who do you think among these girls can get to that point of winning Miss Diva 2017 or even Miss Universe 2017 ?

Author: RB Putki.

Photo Credit: Miss India Organization.