Lunette Fashion Pageant Questions # 3: Question 8 Results [Ep-9]

Hello Everyone! Welcome! We are almost at the end of the prelims. Soon, we’ll have a new winner of this season 🙂 Congratulations to all those who have made into the semi-finals and good luck to all those who are yet to get qualified as semi-finalists 🙂 Keep honing your creative writing and answering skills! Moving onto the results of this episode, the question for this week was:

There were many good entries among which we have picked our Top 5 for this week.

The judges for this week: Saloni Sharma, Andreas Sarkar, Aditi Pillai and Shobin Krishna (from TGPC panel).

Moving on to the results:

4th runner upChinkey Saini
Her answer: I’m that kind of a woman who would wear a goofy smile and fantasize but still be a proud leading lady of her life.The best part of being me is having an ease to pen down the havoc of feelings within.I appreciate the stir and warmth that lie deep inside of me through my rhymes.I feel an understanding of life,love,care and share.That’s my gift!

3rd runner up: Prateek Lekhra
His Answer: Being hopeful. I believe in the fact if you do something wrong to someone or hurt someone, life surely gives you chance to fix it. Life is full of opportunities so one should never give up on their dreams. Yes sometimes we have to make hard choices that’s just part of life but in the end we should hope for the best out of the choices we made.

2nd runner up: Malosri Basu
Her Answer: I think the best part about being yourself is being loved for the person you are. You know there are people who would miss you if you aren’t there. There’s a place in this world only you can fill. A job that only you can do. You are irreplaceable when you are yourself. This is the best part.

1st runner up: Simeon Singsit
His Answer: We live and grow old but I’ve always been a kid at heart. Always ready to explore, learn and smile in times of hardship and failures. People may call it being mature but it’s the child in me that’s always ready to have fun in life and look at things like it’s the first time. You’re never too to have fun in life. That’s the best part about me.

And The WINNER of the round 8 is:

Zain Ulabedin Sabir

Winning answer – “Being yourself is the best part of being you.  The best part of being myself is that I let my heart rule instead of my mind.  The best part of being myself is my ability to forgive me when no one else could.  When you like you, others will like you too. So remember To shine your brightest light is to be who you truly are and living life to the fullest.”

Completing the top 10 (in order) :
Daniel Dsouza, Chris Marbri, Ankita Shrivastava, Mohit Gaikwad, Priti Jiwane.

Completing the top 15 (in order) : Khushi Burad, Shakeel Badgujar, Roma Jee, Priyanka Kumari, Farhan Akhtar.

Congratulations all of you!!! Well done.


  1. This is the second win of Zain Ulabedin Sabir.  History is created! 🙂 
  2. Only the entries that followed the rules were considered while evaluation by judges.

8th Leaderboard

Leader-board of non-winners

7 semi-finalists are decided and now 5 spots are left for the semi-finals.  Just one more round!

See you next episode on Friday 8 PM, IST on Facebook page of The Great Pageant Community.