Lunette Fashion Pageant Questions # 3: Question 7 Results [Ep-8]

Hello everyone! Another episode of Pageant Questions has come to an end. Hope you enjoyed answering this week’s question. Once again Congratulations to all those who have made into the semi-finals and good luck to all those who are yet to get qualified as semi-finalists đŸ™‚ Moving onto the results of this episode, the question for this week was:

There were many good entries among which we have picked our Top 5 for this week.

The judges for this week: Saloni Sharma, Andreas Sarkar, Shobin Krishna and Dipak Shahi.

Moving on to the results:

4th runner up: Simeon Singsit

His answer: It’s human nature to seek satisfaction and happiness which can be a struggle. True bliss is when he is content with what he has, shares and be kind to people without any bias. And as the question says, if he believes in God and his will with all his heart than he will see beauty in God’s creations, solace in his words and peace within him.

3rd runner up: Abu Pame
His Answer: “Human’s wants are unlimited.” Nevertheless we have limitless ways to be blissful.The true joy should come from within.We should always be optimistic and prayerful because they pave the way to all the ecstasies to fill our hearts.Instead of finding faults in others,we should appreciate every good point they possess. Above all,love is the true bliss.

2nd runner up: Dr. Roma Jee
Her Answer: God’s Truest Bliss for Mankind is the ABILITY TO CHANGE the present state of Well-being.One can always work for his Self-satisfaction & Happiness;this keeps one progressing towards Growth rather than embracing Monotony.Life is a BICYCLE to balance which,we must “Keep Moving”, because WE AREN’T WHAT HAPPENS TO US; WE ARE WHAT WE CHOOSE TO BECOME!!

1st runner up: Farhan Akhtar
His Answer: We blame god for a single tear but we never thank him for thousands of smile ! For me the truest form of bliss for mankind is being happy in what you have ! Appreciating each and every component of life ! And the most important accepting little happiness and not to wait for hump of goodness at a time ! I guess by this a humam will be satisfied !

And The WINNER of the round 6 is:

Priti Jiwane

Winning answer – “I think the truest form of bliss for humankind is to start living in moments, not in fear.we humans are so captivated by our emotions like hatred, greed, lust, ego that they start to dominate and then relinquish us from finding joys in small basic events of nature.we have been given one life & the best way to live it is to smile & spread smiles. “

Completing the top 10 (in order) : Muskan Verma, Khushi Burad, Prateek , Rimzenith Tamang, Zain ul abedin

Completing the top 15 (in order) : Chris Marbri, Tanishq Verma, Shakeel Badgujar, Chinkey Saini, Hemanth Macha

Congratulations all of you!!! Well done.

NOTE: Priti Jiwane being the winner of 7th Round, gets a direct entry to the semi-finals. Only the entries that followed the rules were considered while evaluation by judges.

7th Leaderboard

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