Femina Miss India 2017: Third Hotpicks [EXCLUSIVE]

Femina Miss India has never been this interesting before. The fans know almost all the contestants well and the live-chats with all of them have been fun to follow. The state concept is a big hit! And yes, our list is like in all pageants a bit dynamic in some ways and quite static in others. Because there are some girls who are consistently doing well and there are some girls who are gradually changing our perceptions about them. Here’s our current list.

1st Haryana: Manushi Chhillar

Manushi has everything going for her. Among the front-runners, this doctor is perhaps the only one who was low-profile at the beginning of the contest. It would be nice to have a fresh winner like her. In case she doesn’t win here, we would like to see her in Miss Diva. She can fare well in Miss Universe as per their changing preferences.

2nd Maharashtra: Aishwarya Devan

When asked about qualities that Miss India should possess, diction expert Sabira Merchant said that when she enters a room full of people, everyone should stop talking and look at her, in awe of her beauty. By this criteria, Aishwarya can be an easy pick for the top spot. Generally film stars don’t participate in pageants. It’s vice versa. But this new trend was started in 2015 and for the first time we are not disappointed with someone who comes with ‘filmy past’.

3rd Punjab: Navpreet Kaur

Navpreet comes from a small town and faced some resistance from family before she pursued her Miss India dream. Perhaps it was that resistance which fuelled her passion more and helped her make the surprise entry in Top 5 last year. This year she has jumped in with more confidence. It will be difficult to keep this determined lady out from the Top 5.

4th Uttarakhand: Anukriti Gusain

Anukriti often interacts with her fans through live chats and in one such live chat, Mr Vineet Jain complimented her about her improvements since her 2013 stint. We have to agree with Mr Jain. Although Anukriti is not standing out as the clear winner, she is someone we won’t be surprised to see in the Top 3. Life respects those who persist. Even we do.

5th Delhi: Maira Chowdhury

Maira comes across as a bit reserved and only talks about her special achievements at the cost of being repetitive. Her strengths are sophisticated presence, expressive eyes and overall profile. We don’t see the spark of a winner in her yet, but her victory in the finals will not surprise us.

6th Kerala: Mannat Singh

Mannat is one girl in the batch who can win Miss Universe or Miss World in future. But she needs to work on her fitness and undergo a major transformation to become undeniable.  In case she doesn’t win the national pageant this time,  she should return later with more preparation.  She is a bit like Deepika Padukone and India hasn’t sent such tall stunner to Miss World since long.

7th Uttar Pradesh: Shefali Sood

Shefali has won minor national pageants like Miss India Elite and Clarions Miss Indian Diva in past. She has a pretty face and speaks well! Her personality is deep and she seems matured in her communications.  She is one girl who can even crack the Top 3 and surprise many.

8th Telangana: Simran Choudhary

Simran is not among the prettiest faces in the batch and that is the only point that works against her.  But she is strong in all other ways.  In fact she was impressive in her live-chat. Her talent performance was amazing and she may perhaps win the round.  Overall she is a well-rounded contestant.

9th Arunachal Pradesh: Licha Thosum

When no one appeared for Arunachal Pradesh auditions, someone tagged Licha in a comment on a post in the TGPC group. She acknowledged it and then actually appeared in the audition and won the state title. But no one really though she would end up becoming one of the popular girls in the pageant. She impressed everyone with her video on her state.  Now after a lovely live-chat and some good placements in sub-contests, Licha is considered to be the one to beat from the North-East. Do we like her? Yes she is really cute and can be a nice addition in Top 10.

10th Bihar: Priyanka Kumari

Priyanka Kumari has placed in multiple sub-contests: Miss Vivacious, Miss Beautiful Eyes, Miss Rampwalk and Miss Fashion Icon. She also impressed many in the live-chat with her sweet and smart personality. The girl is now being noticed for her strengths and we can’t be prouder.  For those who were living under a rock (just kidding!), she was in Top 3 of Miss TGPC 2016!

11th Goa: Audrey D’silva

Audrey has also placed in 4 sub-contests: Miss Vivacious, Beauty With Purpose, Miss Body Beautiful and Miss Active. She has been in pageantry scene since years now and her pageant experience is certainly helping her.

12th Jammu & Kashmir: Sana Dua

Sana is perfect raw material for pageants. Wish she goes through intense grooming for an year or two and then gives a shot at Miss Diva or Femina Miss India.  After some major improvements, she can be a great representative for the country in major international pageants.

13th Mizoram: Rody Vanlalhriatpuii

Rody was among the popular girls when the pageant begun but now she has lost momentum. The main crown doesn’t seem in her reach for now, but she was amazing in the talent round.

14th Andhra Pradesh: Srishti Vyakaranam

Srishti is one girl who can surprise everyone in the finals. By far, she has had an unexpectedly low-profile time in the pageant, but we won’t rule her out. The girl created upset by winning over the main favorite in the state contest and she can shine at the right time in national pageant too.  Another girl with lot of pageant experience.

15th West Bengal: Shivankita Dixit

Shivankita has the lethal combo of a calm and deep personality with a fit body. She seems prepared and can do well when it counts, in spite of not being noticed much by most fans in the pageant by far.

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Next hot-picks will be the last one because the finals are to be held on 25th June 2017.  Let us see how the pageant unfolds in it’s last leg.