How Pageant Contestants can get sexier looking Skin Tone?- By Traveling Sol

How Pageant Contestants can get sexier looking Skin Tone?- By Traveling Sol

Recently, there is a huge craze found among pageant contestants and fashion models to get their skin tanned, bronze shade. The reason being, tanned skin looks physically more attractive, especially if you have natural white skin. Also, it is said that darker skin tone does well on fashion run way and in pageants as well most of the times. While there are multiple way of getting a tanned skin tone, from laying on beach to going to a skin specialist for the treatment, one of the best ways is to go for an Organic, Sunless Tanning solution.The reason we suggest this is because you don’t have to go through all the hassles that you go through other traditional methods. The benefits are listed as below:

 Why should you go for Organic, Sunless Tanning?

  • There are many benefits to using an organic spray tan as opposed to laying on the beach or at the pool. The most obvious, beneficial reason, is to avoid the sun’s harmful UV rays. We are all aware of the serious and permanent damage ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun can cause to our delicate skin. Exposure to these UV rays is the #1 cause of skin cancer, presently. But did you know that UV light from tanning beds is just as harmful and that exposure to sunlight during the winter months puts you at the same risk as exposure during the summertime? This is because UVA rays are present in daylight, regardless of the season, cloud coverage or temperature outside. This is not the case in Organic Sunless tanning.
  • The coating in sunless tanning has better chances of being even compared to other methods. Hence you don’t have different skin tone at different places or have any tan lines.
  • You don’t risk a chance of your skin getting burn in sunless tanning, which generally happens in Sun Tanning. Also, you body doesn’t get dehydrated.
  • The time needed for getting tanned is half or less than that of natural means.
  • If done as per FDA rules, this solution is completely safe and don’t attract any any kind of skin disease. It is paraben-free and has no artificial preservatives so you can feel secure that you are using a safe and healthy product.

Our Tanning Partner- TRAVELING SOL

Traveling Sol

We have recently tied-up with Traveling Sol which is into Mobile, Organic, Sunless Tanning of Pageant Contestants, Modelling and people from all walks of life. Here is what Shelly Eredia, the owner of Traveling Sol, has to say about the service.

Traveling Sol is a mobile spray tan service. We know that nothing complements that perfect outfit like an amazing tan. We bring your perfect bronze to the comfort of your living room, for your convenience. Lose your tan lines for that perfect dress, without the sun damage and half the time. Our product is 100% organic, making it safe to use on all skin types, without irritation to sensitive skin. Our formula works with your skin’s natural melanin and was created to give you a streak-free, deep bronze without turning your skin orange or staining your clothes. Unlike most, Traveling Sol spray tan always coats you twice to ensure full and even coverage. Not only do we leave you with a perfect bronze, but our product also deeply moisturizes and protects your skin without clogging your pores or irritating sensitive skin. Without any stains or dyes, it works with your own unique skin tone to produce a naturally-based darker pigmentation on your skin’s surface. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice the health of your skin or feel compelled to apply harsh chemicals to your skin in order to achieve a rich, bronze tan. This exclusive sunless tanning formula is made using three organic tanning agents. It is paraben-free and has no artificial preservatives so you can feel secure that you are using a safe and healthy product.

How Pageant Contestants can get sexier looking Skin Tone?- By Traveling Sol

Everybody wants to look their best for their special occasion and having a healthy glow will complete your look and style. Nothing makes a white sundress or spring colors ‘pop’ like bronzed skin. Our service will also prevent unwanted tan lines and sunburns so nothing distracts from your favorite top or spaghetti strap blouse. Tanning is also a great way to accentuate your hard work at the gym by creating shadows and further defining any fit physique. It is a tool used by many bodybuilders and fitness models to enhance their own definition for competition or personal satisfaction. Brides, grooms, pageant contestants, models and entertainers alike, can all benefit from looking sun-kissed for any event, but this is tanning done the healthy way.

We know your time is valuable. With Traveling Sol’s service, you may schedule your tanning sessions to fit your calendar. Tanning sessions are by appointment only. This enables us to customize your experience according to your agenda. Not only do we operate during normal, Monday through Friday, business hours but you are also able to schedule your tanning sessions during ‘real life’ business hours. By bringing your perfect tan to you, we further save you time and gas money.

Finally, you can have the tan of the Stars! Yes, this tan can be seen in many popular Hollywood television series and movies. Various actors starring in Baywatch Hawaii, LOST, Journey To The Center Of The Earth, the NEW Hawaii Five-0 and Battleship, were tanned with the same blend that we use, just to name a few. Jack Nicholson’s daughter, Lorraine Nicholson, also modeled the same tanning blend, used by Traveling Sol, in Sony Picture’s, Soul Surfer. What made this specific, proprietary blend so popular for Hollywood was that it never left the actors with orange skin and it did not stain the clothing worn while tanning, cutting down on their costume costs. However, the most appealing quality about this tanning blend is the fact that the results look the most natural while remaining streak-free and safe for all. “

So what are you waiting for?

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Picture Courtesy: The Fit Indian, Men’s Fitness

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