Kára McCullough’s Pageant Journey: A story of Perseverance

25 years old Kára McCullough achieved the fourth Miss USA title for District of Columbia on 14th May 2017.  By winning Miss USA 2017, Kara brought to the glory to DC by making it only the fourth state to achieve back to back win in Miss USA.  Prior to DC, Virginia, Illinois and Texas have achieved this feat.  Kara is also a nuclear scientist and was born in Italy.  If these many reasons were not enough, Kara’s win is special in one other way too!

Kára McCullough has been trying her luck at Miss District of Columbia since 3 years.  In her first year of participation, she was first runner-up to Lizzy Olsen, Miss District of Columbia 2015.  In that year, Deshauna Barber was a Top 15 finalist.  In 2016, Kara was again first runner-up, and this time to Deshauna Barber, who later won Miss USA 2016 and then finished as Top 9 finalist in Miss Universe 2016.  Good luck finally shined on Kara in Miss District of Columbia 2017 when she was chosen as the winner.  She received a lot media coverage for her natural hair and her work-profile.  Lu Sierra from Miss Universe Organization called her one of the most intelligent girls in recent years of the pageant.  With a strong performance in the finals, she won the Miss USA title.

Thus, Kara McCullough is one more example of immense perseverance and dedication.  Success doesn’t come easily to some, but it comes for sure to those who never give up!

Credits: Pageant Update