Lunette Fashion Presents ‘Pageant Q&A Series-3’: Episode-3 [Results]

Welcome all to the third episode of this thrilling series of pageant questions! We are glad that this episode received wonderful response just like the last episode. The question for this week was:

So we had made plans to test your intellectual ability! 😉 But it turned out that we were left scratching our heads when it came to picking the winner! It was a tough time judging all the entries. Must say, that all of you have become extremely good with answering pageant questions! Congratulations guys, all of you are winners for us! But as goes the tradition, we will declare our top 5 winners that stood out among the rest, AND those who didn’t manage to enter top 5 must come back into the game next week with full preparation and zeal!

The judges for this week: Me (Saloni), Dipak Shahi (from TGPC panel), and Vrushali Gaurkar (Miss TGPC 2017), as the guest judge!

Vrushali Gaurkar is Miss TGPC 2017
Guest Judge: Vrushali Gaurkar, Miss TGPC 2017

Moving on to the results:

4th runner up: Solomon Rory Thiek

His answer:  I guess what we’re really looking for isn’t a fixed & defined entity, but rather someone who’s also changing in a similar defined manner as us, so as to provide a diverse life of growth in the relationship that’s sustainable due to our common path in life, and I think that makes it the perfect one.

3rd runner up: Roma Jee
Her Answer: For Me, a person who has a PROGRESSIVE APPROACH towards Life is a Perfectionist & would make a true comrade for Me. It’s obvious  he’ll change with time for betterment & progress.The true essence of our bond would be ACCEPTANCE OF IMPERFECTIONS because they are the only perfect things in the World!!

2nd runner up: Chris Marbri
His Answer: I believe no one can be perfect standing alone. Our changing selves yearn for someone who can make our lives perfect. One needs to be complimented by another rather than completed. Seeking one perfect thing makes it worth living and cherishing in this world of imperfections. A perfect Balance!

1st runner up: Hemanth Macha
His Answer: Every one in this world change from their birth,But only right path of change can make a person perfect.Every one need a teacher to teach how to walk on thorns with sandals of wisdom.In the same manner we need a perfect person who can put us in a right path of success.  Hence we seek a perfect person.

And The WINNER of the round 1 is: Zain Ulabedin Sabir

Winning answer – “We are looking for perfect one because of the standards society has set. We emphasize on perfection,in order to hide our personal insecurities. Maybe we are looking for someone with attributes that we don’t possess! As we know, there is always a room for improvement. Perfection is an endless search!” 

Completing the top 10: Chinkey Saini, Lalit Sankar, Tanishq Verma, Adney Goncalves, Simeon Singsit
Close shots: Lovey Sarda, Preeti Jiwane, Juan Spain, Prateek Lkera, Alfaaz ali khan

Congratulations all of you!!! Well done.


  1. Zain Ulabedin Sabir being the winner of Second Round, gets a direct entry to the semi-finals 🙂 
  2. Only the entries that followed the rules were considered while evaluation by judges.

2nd Leaderboard

Just to remind you all: The winners of the 9 weekly episodes get direct entries in Top 12 of semi-finals.  The vacant spots by the end of 9 episodes will be filled based on the leader-board, hence consistently good performers will make it to the semi-finals even if they don’t win!  The topper of the leader-board at the end of 9 episodes will get a direct entry to the Grand Finale, hence even the winners of weekly episodes are encouraged to participate in all the episodes prior to semi-finals.

See you next episode on Friday 8 PM, IST on Facebook page of The Great Pageant Community.