Miss TGPC 2017, Episode 13: Wild Card Entry [Meet the Top 7]

Miss TGPC 2017 Wild Card
Wild-Card Challengers: Ahina, Ekta, Monisha, Priya, Roma

They say the best gift in life is a second chance.  We provided it to the eliminated contestants in the party wear competition.  Based on the evaluations by the Elite Panel (Group of premium members from The Great Pageant Community – Group), Top 5 Wild-Card Challengers were identified from the 9 contestants who did not make it to the Top 6 based on judges’ scores.  And then we asked the panel to pick one of these 5 who they feel deserves to make it the final round because of overall good performance.  The Elite Panel has made it’s choice and the winner makes it to Top 7 convincingly!

The Elite Panel

Panelists: Rimzenith, Daniel, Mohit, Bhavika, Hemanth, Ritika, Darshan, Dennis, Diya, Alfaaz, Farhan, Abu, Rugved, Diksha, Tanishq, Nehal and Zain.


  1. Roma Jee (9 Votes – Daniel, Abu, Alfaaz, Hemanth, Ritika, Rimzenith, Diksha, Rugved, Bhavika)
    • It’s difficult to pick one person between Priya and Roma, but seeing overall performance I will go up with Roma.  She has been consistent, as compared to Priya. – Daniel Dsouza
    • Oh, yes! Roma did well in the first two rounds. She didn’t stand out nor go down. She has a good sense of fashion too. And I find her as a strong lady, while most of the girls are young girls. Her intelligence is outstanding. She not only knows how to answer intellectually, but she knows how to use words in an effective way too. Look wise, she isn’t stunning. But her wisdom covers it. – Abu Pame
    • Overall she has proven herself and has more confidence than so many girls. – Alfaaz Ali Khan
    • My choice would be Roma Jee. The reason is, she was very consistent throughout her journey.  More over she has got all those elements to take her in to the Top 7. – Hemanth Macha
    • She has been consistent throughout. One bad performance doesn’t make a difference because she has been doing so well. – Ritika Pal
    • Her performance was bang on in style icon and ethnic rounds, she only fell short in party wear.  So I think overall her performance is good and she deserves a second chance. – Rimzenith Tamang
    • Her overall performance from the start of the competition was powerful. Loved her in the style icon round. She has a spark in her. – Diksha Pradhan
  2. Priya Shah (5 Votes – Zain, Tanishq, Farhan, Diya, Mohit)
    • Wild entry selection from my side would be Priya Shah because I see a total pakage there. – Zain Sabir
    • Her transformation is visible. Her graph till now is 45° straight line. But others had a lot of ups and downs. – Tanishq Verma
    • Ok so I loved Roma’s and Priya’s performances! But I ended up choosing Priya! – Farhan Akhtar
    • I would like to give chance to Priya Shah, to be a part of Top 7. Priya and Roma are two of the strongest contestants at Miss TGPC 2017. Both have transformed and improved.  Roma was one of the best contestants from the start, and Priya was like slow and steady, but she improved and transformed herself a lot, and also she’s groomed well. Her last performance, was jaw-dropping and loved it. That’s why I choose Priya. I feel sad, it would be unfair for Roma. – Mohit Gaikwad
  3. Monisha Retna (1 Vote – Dennis)

Congratulations Roma Jee!  Welcome to the Top 7.  Our best wishes are with the other 8 contestants.

Top 7 Finalists

Shriya, Vrushali, Pallavi, Honey, Aarohi, Roma, Ashwarya

In the next episode (26th March 2017, 8 PM), we go through the full performances of the Top 7 finalists.  Don’t miss it!  Soon we will know the winner of Miss TGPC 2017 title.  So exciting!