Miss TGPC 2017, Episode 12: Party Wear Competition Results [Meet the Top 6]

Shriya Torne has been chosen as “I Love Kapda Party Queen” by Neha Niharika Mantri of I Love Kapda. She will receive high street fashion wardrobe by I Love Kapda as a part of the prize for winning this title.

Now we are in the last stages of the Miss TGPC 2017 pageant!  Can’t believe it, isn’t it!  Just in few weeks, the contestants feel like a part of life.  And now the game will end for most of them.  Yes, in this episode we reveal 6 finalists and in the next we reveal the 7th.  With these revelations, the pageant will end forever for the remaining 8 contestants.

Esteemed Panel of Judges

Commentaries from Elite Panel

Let us go through the comments from Elite Panel members on the performances in the round.  Kindly note that the Top 6 is chosen strictly based on scores of the judges only.  Elite Panel will choose the 7th finalist.

Contestant Comments
  • Loved the outfit and the fact you changed background. Coming to the walk, descent walk could be improved be careful of the extra hand movements you do and take care of your posing, otherwise good job. – Ritika Pal
  • Her gown is bae 😍 The gown really looked good on her. There is room for improvement – Diksha Pradhan
  • aarohi- that perfect start 💓 amazingly carried her gown.. Needs to work on her postures.. And expressions – Nehal Chudasama
  • She looked sophisticated and more confident here. For me ,this is her best performance till date. – Rimzenith Tamang
  • Good but not the best. There is more scope for improvement & which I think she will 😊  – Rugved Gavandi
  • From beginning of tgpc rounds, she never caught my eye but in
    this round she really did well, it seem she really ready for party. – Dennis Hayden
  • A very beautiful damsel she is. Your poise was just amazing . Though your outfit wasn’t my choice , you carried it easily . Well done . – Abu Pame
  • looking very pretty , dress is nice but seems quite much for a party wear, but she is looking nice and gorgeous indeed🤗🤗 – Zain Sabir
  • Decent walk, nice choice of outfit, it was a beautiful blue. – Bhavika Manghwani
  • She looked very beautiful in this round and also she transformed a lot. Keep it up , girl you will definately place high. – Mohit Gaikwad
  • good performance – Diya Singh
  • Overall a very safe performance not soo good not so bad – Daniel Dsouza
  • Walk basic are wrong, watch and learn from YouTube videos. – Ritika Pal
  • Improvement is there but still a long mile to go for you to become perfect. – Ritika Pal
  • I see that she has worked on herself. If given a chance, she can do better. – Diksha Pradhan
  • You sometimes moved a lot unnecessarily. Your simple yet chic black outfit was appropriate for a party. Moreover your hairdo too, made you more beautiful. Your sparkling eyes can’t be ignored. Well done ! – Abu Pame
  • Your video was shot in the wrong angle, couldn’t see your walk properly. It was a ok performance with spark missing which you had in the previous round. – Ritika Pal
  • She has improved from last week, her beauty is unquestionable. Overall good performance but I’m sure she can do better. … – Diksha Pradhan
  • couldn’t see her walk properly.. May be bcz of the way the video has been recorded… Goibg good with expressions – Nehal Chudasama
  • She has got everything to become a future beauty queen ,however  she needs to imporve her walk a little. – Rimzenith Tamang
  • Strong performance in terms of overall look & presentation but needs a bit work on her walk. Good for now 😊 – Rugved Gavandi
  • Overall she really did well, in party wear round and nice choice of outfit. – Dennis Hayden
  • Your black outfit made you look awesome . You looked very fresh , graceful , and your beautiful smile has always been a plus point for you. – Abu Pame
  • that dress is enhancing her skin tone, her walk is good , nice party wear – Zain Sabir
  • Nice outfit and walk. – Bhavika Manghwani
  • She looked so Diva, just like an angel came to Earth. Ashwarya and Honey, have one of the most beautiful faces in this competion, everyone is gorgeous here. Loved her gown, her walk and her smile, was so elegant.  – Mohit Gaikwad
  • overall she deserve a top 7. – Diya Singh
  • A very strong performance in term of presentation still can work on her walk rest all are good for now- Daniel D’souza
  • good performance. – Diya Singh
  • Practice walking in heels first and then concentrate on your walk. Too casual a walk. – Ritika Pal
  • You improved on the walk and great performance. Your look was also amazing. – Ritika Pal
  • Honey disappointed me in this round, but I hope she still continues her journey in the contest. – Diksha Pradhan
  • She looked good in black,but there was no need to hold   the  dress while she was walking.  – Rimzenith Tamang
  • honey did good job, overall nice, height good, but she needs to bring some confidence in her walk, work it girl – Zain
  • The spark is missing and so is the pace of the walk. You walk is good but the X Factor is missing. – Ritika Pal
  • This was not your best performance and you know you can do better than this. – Ritika Pal
  • The confidence in her walk made me thing to choose her from wild card entries, dress was good too – Zain Sabir
  • Beautiful gown, she could carry it well. Decent walk. Would love to see her back. – Bhavika Manghwani
  • Her styling is always unique and everyone appreciates her styling. One of the most creative minds in Miss TGPC, when it comes for styling. She has the best sense to pick up wardrobes. I loved her Cocktail gown. Hoping, if she gets the wild-card entry, she can do more miracles. – Mohit Gaikwad
  • Good walk once again but with no smile. – Ritika Pal
  • Loved her style, her walk was good but she needs to smile a little. The background looked very dramatic which I liked. – Diksha Pradhan
  • perfect body and a confident walk… Upset with her no expressive face. But overall a nice contender. – Nehal Chudasama
  • She has grown so much from her last two  performances. She has a very polished walk. If she changes her hairstlye, then it will create more impact on her overall look. – Rimzenith Tamang
  • She rocked in this round right from her styling to her walk. It would have been 100% if she would have smiled a bit as it’s party wear round Rugved Gavandi
  • From beginning she doing really well as this round is party wear she need to smile rather then fierce afterall party means fun & joy.  – Dennis Hayden
  • You look the best in every round . You know what suits you the best , and which outfit is for which round. You looked too chic, gorgeous , and very comfortable in whatever you wear. your golden earrings made you more gorgeous. And the breeze that blew your hair made you look more being in a party . Abu Pame
  • Loved the dress! Great styling! She has an amazing walk, however she really needs to smile. – Bhavika Manghwani
  • Pallavi is a stunner, her walk is like an international model. Always like ending part of her walk more, than her start. She’s fierce. But when you come at this level, which is going to be more competitive, I would love if you smile😃, which would give boost in your elegance and performance as well.  – Mohit Gaikwad
  • Need to work on her expressions.Diya Singh
  • She nailed in this round from her style to her walk (still can work on it) but again she made the same mistake by not smiling.. Being fierce is good but sometimes you needs to be soft as well.- Daniel Dsouza
  • She looks sweet and makes an honest attempt here but there is vast scope of improvement. Those heels need to go.  Watch the mouth, and I would do this with normal heels till she has it down- Jon A
  • You need to learn the basics to know how to walk well. – Ritika Pal
  • Ok walk still something is missing in your walk. – Ritika Pal
  • She can do way better, with that body and walk 💓Nehal Chudasama
  • Great rampwalk skills. Much improvement than previous two rounds. If she being consistent like this then no one can stop her to reach top  – Rugved Gavandi
  • Today I really impress on her style.Beginning of tgpc she lack somthing but in dis round she did really well. – Dennis Hayden
  • You’ve improved a lot within this short span of the contest . Your cocktail was very much suitable for a party . Your hairdo too, is perfect for the round . You can go further. – Abu Pame
  • nicest blue, perfect walk, good hair style, normal makeover, just perfect for party actual party😇 – Zain Sabir
  • Nice walk and I really liked the colour of the outfit. It suited her well. – Bhavika Manghwani
  • Wow , Priya was looking Bollywood girl. Loved her walk, loved her outfit, loved her confidence. Her improvement just gave me goosebumps, what an explosive surprise!!!  – Mohit Gaikwad
  • wat a surprise she was, so impressed by her. – Diya Singh
  • She started as underdog in the competition but the past two rounds she has come out as a tigress so do keep a close eye on her girls or else she will walk away with the title. About her performance love those curls which was perfect on that beautiful top.. Great ramwalk skills but can do even better.- Daniel D’souza
  • Great walk as always, attire on point. But the video was short from a lot of distance and please a little less head moment will be great. – Ritika Pal
  • Her performance in this round was average. But she deserves to be in the Top 7. – Diksha Pradhan
  • superrr confident performer.. Will have to learn the right expressions – Nehal Chudasama
  • Though her walk is good she was bit fast here and she also needs to work on her posture . – Rimzenith Tamang
  • She is the most consistent performer but disappointed here a bit. Her walk was good but it was too fast, needs to control a bit. But overall for this round is at 3rd place for me 👍🤗 – Rugved Gavandi
  • I was expecting a lot more from Roma. At this stage of the competition, she really should have upped her game. – Bhavika Manghwani
  •  you were superb and gave your best. But there are many stunners who gave more little better performances, surprises and improvements. I would definately place her, but competiton was tough. – Mohit Gaikwad
  • She has been the most consistent strong performer from first round so I was expecting a lot from her it was a good performance but needs to control the speed of the walk.- Daniel D’souza
  • One thing I noticed, you have an impeccable sense of styling. Every round that you come in, you change your styling. You rocked the bun and gown look and your walk was so perfect, you kept in mind the pointers from last round and worked on it. Great job gal. – Ritika Pal
  • Bang on styling! She’s got an x-factor which cannot be ignored. – Diksha Pradhan
  • this girl took away my heart in both the videos that i’ve watched.
    Here she looks elegant.. Confident.. And party ready – playing nice comparatively with her attire, expressions, walk and that turn. 😍💓 – Nehal Chudasama
  • She has a very vibrant aura. The turn she did in that red gown was upto the mark. – Rimzenith Tamang
  • Did well than previous performance. Improvement can been seen. But still not the best performance yet. She has that spark but needs to analyze & bring it out  – Rugved Gavandi
  • love her style she really know how to style herself . – Dennis Hayden
  • You really have noted the feedbacks given by us or the judges . You are very different here- perfectly fit for the round. Your simple red gown was appropriate for a party wear , and the way you carried was at ease . – Abu Pame
  •  that was a perfect red dress, suiting her body shape Nd her neck and face was looking just perfect . – Zain Sabir
  • Loved the outfit, it was so vibrant and suited her well. She has an amazing presence. – Bhavika Manghwani
  • An all-rounder in this batch. I loved her styling, her red gown was very beautiful. Shriya and Vrushali’s walk are one of the best walks in this competition. I would love to see both of them, as final women standings. – Mohit Gaikwad
  • stunning – Diya Singh
  • Much better then previous performance still need to work on presentation and walk- Daniel D’souza
  • She always did well today also,but she need to control on her pose lot
    of pose at a time look littleakward. – Dennis Hayden
  • Your walk needs work and your arms move too much, place pace was missing from the walk. – Ritika Pal
  • Elegance and charm personified, this gal is a amazing. Great gown (Reminded me of Pia’s gown) and amazing walk. Keep practicing and keep improving 🙂  Ritika Pal
  • She looked drop dead gorgeous in that blue gown. Impressive performance. – Diksha Pradhan
  •  I havent said this before- but shes here to win this time.. Has worked really hard.. I can see her dedication.. …  Her gown is so perfect 💓 and confidently expressing her elegance..! She’s done justice to her attire.. With her grace. Nehal Chudasama
  • Her elegant performance shows the amount of hardwork and determination she has put this time.  She was perfect in this round. – Rimzenith Tamang
  •  She has improved a lot from past year. Gown & walk was bang on but just if she would have left her hands a bit free & woulhave played with the gown then she would have topped in this particular round 👏 – Rugved Gavandi
  • She realy look ready for high end party,her gown choice is fabulous love her… presentation wid that gown after all blue is colour of joy.Dennis Hayden
  • You looked very beautiful in the blue gown. However, in my opinion this gown is more suitable for Evening Gown competition. Nevertheless, you’ve been consistently doing well. – Abu Pame
  • nice gown , pretty face but I didn’t find any wow factor but over all nice presentation, – Zain Sabir
  • Loved her walk and gown. She has a beautiful smile and she has definitely improved. – Bhavika Manghwani
  • Always a stunner from the very start of the competition. Loved her gown the most. And so elegance in her walk, for that 26 seconds I was seeing a beauty queen walking with serenity. – Mohit Gaikwad
  • so beautiful so elegant. – Diya Singh
  • I am so glad to see this girl who have grown so much in the just 1 year her performance was really good.. Lovely gown choice but needs to control those hand moments a bit while walking.- Daniel D’souza

Score sheet

Miss TGPC 2017 Party Wear Result


Top 6

Thus, based on the scores from the judges, the Top 6 finalists are as follows.

Top 6: Honey, Shriya, Vrushali, Ashwarya, Pallavi, Aarohi

Elite Panel has chosen Vrushali Gaurkar as their winner for the Party Wear competition.  From the 9 girls who are not part of Top 6, 5 contestants got picked by Elite Panel for Wild Card Challenger, they are:

Miss TGPC 2017 Wild Card
Ahina Datta, Ekta Ingle, Monisha Retna, Priya Shah, Roma Jee

Now the Elite Panel will chose one from the five, based on their overall performances by far in the pageant.  The chosen one will be the 7th finalist of Miss TGPC 2017.  The revelation will be in the next episode on Friday.

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Guess who will be the 7th finalist?  Check out Episode 13 to know. 🙂