Sandeep Kumar, the president of Rubaru Group to judge Ceylon Majestic Pageants 2017 (Mr and Miss Sri Lanka)

Sandeep Kumar (Left)

Sandeep Kumar, the founder and president of Rubaru Group, the parent organisation of Rubaru Mr India and Rubaru Miss India Elite pageants is all set to judge Ceylon Majestic Pageants 2017 (Mr & Miss Sri Lanka) slated to take place on 17 March 2017 at the Galadhari Hotel in the national capital city Colombo, Sri Lanka. This for the first time that an Indian national pageant director has been invited to judge a national pageant of some other country. Sandeep Kumar is well-known personality of the Indian pageantry. He is addressed by several names In India, he is referred to as the man who changed the face of Indian pageant, he is known as the ‘King’ of male pageantry in India and many more. He has also been named the best national director of the year not just once but twice. This is for the first time that Sandeep Kumar is going to judge this prestigious Sri Lanka based national pageant.

Vishwa Perera

The Ceylon Majestic Pageants is one of the most well-established national pageants in Sri Lanka It is owned by Vishwa Perera. The winners of this annual Sri Lankan pageant represent Sri Lanka at various international pageants. The Ceylon Majestic Pageant is divided into two segments, Mr Sri Lanka and Miss Sri Lanka.

There are 11 titles at the stake at the Mr Sri Lanka pageant that include Mister Ocean Sri Lanka, Mister Top International Model of the World Sri Lanka, Mister Model International Sri Lanka, Mister Universal Ambassador Sri Lanka, Men Universe Sri Lanka, Mister Sri Lanka, Mister Tourism International Sri Lanka, Mister Grand Sea Sri Lanka, Mister Planet Sea Sri Lanka, Mister Ceylon Majestic, Master World Sri Lanka whereas there are 9 titles at the stake at Miss Sri Lanka that include Miss Ocean Sri Lanka, Miss Grand Sea Sri Lanka, Miss Eco Sri Lanka, Miss Top International Model of the World Sri Lanka, Miss Global Charity Queen Sri Lanka, Miss Asia Nobel Queen International Sri Lanka, Miss Ceylon Majestic Pageant of the Year, Miss Planet Sri Lanka and Miss Supertalent of the World Sri Lanka.

Sandeep Kumar is indeed making India so proud at the international arena. He is also responsible to bring prestigious international pageants like Supermodel International and Mister Model International pageant to India. This April, he is all set to host the biggest international modelling contest, the Supermodel International pageant in India for the second consecutive time. Indeed this Indian gentleman is an inspiration to many. No other Indian pageant organiser has achieved these kinds of accomplishments

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