Miss TGPC 2017, Episode 9: Style Icon Competition, Elite Panel’s Choice

Last week, Elite Panel chose Shriya Torne as the winner of Ethnic Wear and she got a direct entry to Style Icon round, irrespective of judges score. This week as well, the Elite Panel voted for their 5 favourite girls and we arrived at a final tally of points. Elite Panel is group of premium members of The Great Pageant Community.  The 1st choice was given 5 points, 2nd given 4 points and so on.  Let us have a look at who won the direct entry to Party Wear round of Miss TGPC 2017. This girl will be safe from elimination on coming Friday.

1. Vrushali Gaurkar

  • “Love the walk and especially the use of the clutch as an accessory, your styling was also very much on point.” – Ritika Pal
  • “Now this girl.. blew my mind in the Ethnic round.. However, I think she got alil too self conscious and played it Safe.. But so did Shriya! Vrushali made my cut since she was confident and poise and carried her LBD ( little black dress) very well and that Swirl was bang on!” – Chris Marbri
  • “She worked her LBD very well, her walk was on the point. Loved the flow” – Mayera Preet
  • “She wears the classic Little black dress. with LBD you have to make sure that it has a wow factor and unfortunately this one didn’t. The clutch didn’t help much but brownie points to her using accessories. Her vibrant energy and her walk is a plus.” – Adney Goncalves
  • “Her improvement is commendable. Her outfit was simple but she carried it off really well. Confident walk, good poses. Girl, you are on the right track. ” – Diksha Pradhan
  • “You looked too chic and elegant in your black cocktail with a beautiful hairdo . You are no longer the same Vrushali I saw last year . …” – Abu Pame
  • “Safe play with the dress. Decent walk.u r going strong. Keep growing.” – Tanishq Verma
  • “a safe choice for the outfit but her walk was great...” – Diya Singh
  • “I love seeing a transformation and she’s definitely had a drastic one! Kudos to you Vrushali you’re doing really well. ” – Alfaaz Ali Khan
  • “Consistently this girl is performing in every challenge i can see the variations in her. her walk her look her smile just brought the things together …..” – Darshan Sonavane
  • “She has that elegance as always. But I was more impressed seeing improvement from other girls. She has one of the best walks in this episode. ” – Mohit Gaikwad
  • “She showed an ultimate development from first season to second.  Be point of style or walk, she showed a very balanced performance.” – Hemanth Macha
  • “(The Bollywood actresses kind of girl )
    again choosing her 1st as her performance was on mark, her hair flip nice, black dress is always a safe choice, either it’s a hit or miss sometimes, but she did great job
    ” – Zain Ulabedin Sabir
  • “She realy surprise me and really doing well in today’s round it seem she really enjoying on runway.” – Dennis Hayden
  • “Seeing this girl grow so much in year is commendable her overall look from her dress to her styling it was completely red carpet moment like..still she can improve her walk.” – Daniel Dsouza
  • “thats what experience is all about ! She is nailing it !” – Farhan Akhtar
  • “She looked absolutely stunning and elegant in this round, She has evolved completely since Miss TGPC season 1. Hoping to see more from her.” – Rimzenith Tamang

2. Pallavi Singh

  • “Styling was wow, so chic and elegant. But while the walk was good, the way you took off the jacket could have been more elegant and smile a little more. Otherwise great.” – Ritika Pal
  • “Coming close in second is Pallavi! She stile NY heart with that fierce walk.. Nice dress and danglers looked sheek and sliding the jacket off the shoulder maneuver! However, a smoother transition, a smile and some more personality could have given her top spot!” – Chris Marbri
  • “To me she is the style icon and she screamed WOW with every step she took, The black leather jacket with white bra top and high skirt exposed her beautiful waistline and it was just perfect. The blinding sun did affect her facial expressions. Otherwise perfect.” – Adney Goncalves
  • “Good fashion sense. Good walk but she could have taken off the jacket more gracefully. I want to see more energy and expressions in the next round. ” – Diksha Pradhan
  • “You looked awesome. Your outfit, and your styling were perfect. You just nailed the round . I felt that I was watching a fashion show of international level .” – Abu Pame
  • “walk was good. That jacket move could have been more graceful. Work over ur expressions.” – Tanishq Verma
  • “loved her in the video and that close up was great, that’s how you make a video.” – Diya Singh
  • “Based on overall look and walk Pallavi made the cut, but remember if you’re wearing a garment that you might want to remove on head ramp, you should practice it and while going back you should never drag a garment. I loved your look without the leather jacket.” – Alfaaz Ali Khan
  • “I love her Dress it just fitted her body perfectly she looked gorgeous , I love the attitude by which she removed that jacket and turned …. Plz Do Smile youll look lovely ” – Darshan Sonavane
  • “She looked like International model. I loved her dressing style. Specially I loved the end of her walk, i t was Wow, more than her start . I would like to see smile on her face from next episode, my only suggestion for that . 😃😊” – Mohit Gaikwad
  • “She’s got a good style sense!” – Hemanth Macha
  • “Her style is so sophisticated in today’s round, she is one… of the prettiest girl in tgpc  2017 batch.” – Dennis Hayden
  • “Great styling but could have removed that jacket more gracefully and girl please smile.. No one kill you if you smile. 🙂 ” – Daniel Dsouza
  • “i liked her performance, dramatic and those expressions i loved it ! ” – Farhan Akhtar
  • “She totally slayed this round, she looked like a professional model and walked flawlessly” – Rimzenith Tamang

3. Roma Jee

  • “Wow is the word. The way you walked was oh so professional and the styling bang on. A little note the end hand on the hip is not always necessary.” – Ritika Pal
  • “She has surprised me ( pleasantly). Her presence and attitude carried her style very well. I liked the way she approaches the “head ramp” with confidence and Style. Love the red shoes 👟 and Jeans suspenders ( WOW) was Classic! Perfect ensemble..Nice touch with the Shades too!” – Chris Marbri
  • “Loved the energy and attitude while walking. Loved her exotic performance” – Mayera Preet
  • “Like the style and the attitude, pairing denim with sneakers hardly goes wrong. Also loved the way she did the off shoulder strap.” – Adney Goncalves
  • ” I like her style. Very fresh…fun and frolic. Confident walk.. Good posture. And a nice background..” – Diksha Pradhan
  • “Your good sense of fashion is seen here . I liked the background that you’ve opted too; perfect place for such round . But something vulgar was there which I couldn’t find it exactly. Nevertheless, you have the potential to go further.” – Abu Pame
  • “look was good, background was good ,walk was also good but still could have been better. That shades were not needed and more work on posture and walk but when i compare u with others u did really well.” – Tanishq Verma
  • “energetic & cute outfit and great location & video.” – Diya Singh
  • “Roma your confidence has put you in my list, just a tip from my side, whenever you have eyewear on the ramp, you should always take it off, or lift it up because those sunglasses were hiding your beautiful face. ” – Alfaaz Ali Khan
  • ” I feel sad I had dilemma between Ekta and Roma, and I didn’t selected Ekta. Roma presented her everything Best. Looking at her Urban wear, for a while it looked like she was a contestant of Femina Miss India o r Miss Diva. Her walk was amazing, she looked urban and sporty.” – Mohit Gaikwad
  • “What a style! Her walk made her a Style Diva.  Coming to her dress, she set a Style quotient.” – Hemanth Macha
  • “she was really nice in ethnic wear, but y she choosed this dress, I mean were she going for a track or running,  Disappointed with her” – Zain Ulabedin Sabir
  • “love her look.. But didn’t like that goggles which went completely off with the outfit… Walk wise still can do even better.” – Daniel Dsouza
  • “fresh look, she did good !” – Farhan Akhtar
  • “She has a good walk and a well maintained body, it would have been perfect had she walked down the steps more gracefully ” – Rimzenith Tamang

4. Ashwarya Bali

  • “You listened to the judges and it was very evident. You smiled, showed personality and the styling was also spot on. Great work, a little more spark and you are there.” – Ritika Pal
  • “This girl is rising up gradually!! I see she has taken my note from the last round and is now SHINING with her beautiful smile!!! Watch out for her.. She will be a force to reckon with.. her walk is F-E-I-R-C-E!! Tag… Tyra Banks!!” – Chris Marbri
  • “I see improvement in her confidence. Loved her grace and postures.” – Mayera Preet
  • “A bold dressing sense. This look can go as semi casual to formal. If she had to pair it with some nice clutch, it would have been perfect. Very impressed by her poise though.” – Adney Goncalves
  • “I’ve been saying this since day one, she has one of the most gorgeous faces of this batch. Styling – Good
    Walk – There is room for improvement.
    She needs to bring out her personality more.. She has improved from the previous round.  ” – Diksha Pradhan
  • “Your modelesque look really worked out here . Your outfit wasn’t that much noticeable, yet you looked very beautiful, and I liked your poise .” – Abu Pame
  • ” finally a decent performance. Work over ur walk. Shoot in better surroundings/light.” – Tanishq Verma
  • “she’s pretty, but she can improve her walk and presence.” – Diya Singh
  • “Finally! I loved your smile and your energy in this round but there is something missing.” – Alfaaz Ali Khaan
  • “Again she has a gorgeous smile and she is also gorgeous i love that shrug kind of thing and once again her walk was amazing ” – Darshan Sonavane
  • “She was looking very Beautiful. You are improving, keep it up. ” – Mohit Gaikwad
  • “Ashwarya has one of the best faces in this bunch.  It is an added advantage to her.  Her walk is my only concern.  She needs to add some energy to make audiences stick to her.” – Hemanth Macha
  • “(Confidently pretty) She is one of the prettiest girl in the competition, and her walk seems nice, dress was cool , and yes shoes also, try to use more open place during video shooting so we can see more of you 🙂 ” – Zain Ulabedin Sabir
  • ” i liked her performance! She gave good expressions !” – Farhan Akhtar

5. Shriya Torne

  • “Great styling and walk. Be careful with the number steps you take, because the walk looks jumpy then and also the posing is a little over, make it impactful and bang on.” – Ritika Pal
  • “Very vibrant walk, her style sense didn’t really created a WOW moment for me. But she presented whatever she wore very well and did justice to me.” – Adney Goncalves
  • “I like her style! I was really impressed by her in the ethnic round and she hasn’t let me down..energetic and vivacious walk. Just a little piece of advice.. Be confident with your poses.. you seem to be a little wobbly while posing on the head ramp. ” – Diksha Pradhan
  • “She always looks jolly and energetic. But in this round , she looked too sporty. Her outfit was more like a sport wear.” – Abu Pame
  • “Shriya you definitely have the confidence and x-factor that is needed but sometimes you need to walk according to outfit.” – Alfaaz Ali Khan
  • “She’s graceful as always. Her walk and her attire 10/10. A clear All-rounder in this Round. ” – Mohit Gaikwad
  • “Her walk is awesome and she is doing it with an ease.  She is even very well styled to fit in this round.” – Hemanth Macha
  • “Today she play really safe; her style today okay only.” – Dennis Hayden
  • “She has that X- factor which can help her to groom herself in future. Her walk clearly shows her vivacious and confident personality” – Rimzenith Tamang

6. Snowlika Priydarshi

  • “Walk improved, but the hand on the knee thing was a big no no and the turn needs to be perfected otherwise job well done.” – Ritika Pal
  • “My.. my… Snow white in the making.. She looked great! Loved the hairdo .. She make the entire wardrobe come alive! Loved the way she carried jacket to show off that gorgeous top! She wore a smile!! Yay!! Go girl!!” – Chris Marbri
  • “Loved the grace and spunk nicely blended together with a thoughtful styling” – Mayera Preet
  • “This girl can be transformed beautifully but she fell a bit flat in this challenge compared to the other girls. Garment choice is good but not outstanding. Good walk but didn’t get the hair or the way she placed her hand on the right thigh.” – Adney Goncalves
  • “She has a good walk, energy. But her hips , head moved a lot unnecessarily.” – Abu Pame
  • “loved ur look. Walk could have been better and more dramatic with that hairdo” – Tanishq Verma
  • “chic hairstyle and loved her flirty walk.” – Diya Singh
  • “Her outfit was good her hairdo was chic i am not sure though with that jacket but she pulled it very neatly her walk , Confidence saved her in this round ” – Darshan Sonavane
  • “I just love her the way  she style herself; she truly look a supermodel.” – Dennis Hayden
  • ” Love her hairdo.. Kind of late 80s but it was good confident walk and good styling. But didn’t like that jacket could have used it in more decent way. ” – Daniel Dsouza
  • “For me she has again proved that she is the style icon of this batch , loved her double bun hairstyle and loved the way she carried herself with her confident walk.” – Rimzenith Tamang

7. Honey Dhawan

  • “The styling wow and the walk was also great. I noticed that while you walk well you criss cross your leg too much, make it subtle and impactful.” – Ritika Pal
  • “She was killing this round, bang on styling, great attitude on the ramp. Nothing short of a Diva” – Mayera Preet
  • “Very Vogue, loved her outfit from the coat to the boots. She presented well, but could have been better. Need to improve on that walk.” – Adney Goncalves
  • “If I had to chose someone just on their style..Honey would win hands down…
    But she needs to improve her walk,she tends to criss-cross her legs way too much and she should control her shoulder movement. Otherwise she’s fab! ” – Diksha Pradhan
  • “What a figure! But her body was a bit stiff.” – Abu Pame
  • “Honey was going to be clear winner from my choice, but her walk wasn’t that good. She looked Uncomfortable.” – Mohit Gaikwad
  • “(The diva) very nice dress suiting her height, the jacket over is a difficult thing to carry but she carried it well, another of my fvrt,” – Zain Ulabedin Sabir
  • “Woww She just nailed the style icon round,she just need little work on walk.” – Dennis Hayden
  • ” Her look was quite international but what’s with those cross leggings girl? really disappointed with her performance..” – Daniel Dsouza

8. Priya Shah

  • “Walk great, styling needs work.” – Ritika Pal
  • “Since this round is about Style and how iconic you can be… I think Priya Dressed well.. loved the accessories.. Her top complimented her jeans.. She could have worn Heels to accentuate the ensemble.. Her hair was fitting the outfit.. Well done!” – Chris Marbri
  • “The typical college look. Did she elevate it? I don’t think so. Could have been better. She did aa good job of showcasing her satchel though.” – Adney Goncalves
  • ” I wish she smiles a bit , and not move her body too much.” – Abu Pame
  • “(The power pack beauty) I have to sum up her look by saying a stylish swag,
    Nice bag, nice jeans, M a bit not in favour of those shoes , but overall cool it was” – Zain Ulabedin Sabir
  • “Was really confused with whome I should put in my top 5 was confused between Honey – Priya.  But in the last I will go with Priya… Really surprised by her performance way much better then the previous episode.. A very good funky styling but girl what’s with the bag?” – Daniel Dsouza
  • “she did good but she needs to stepup her game !” – Farhan Akhtar

9. Monisha Retna

  • “While the walk was great as the last episode. The styling was off, the color combination was not working especially the bag, work on your styling and you will be there.” – Ritika Pal
  • “Would describe her look as a sexy teacher look. The use of spects was cool but didn’t like the pink bag. Her walk is fine, needs improvement.” – Adney Goncalves
  • “Her walk looked a bit artificial. It would have been better if she found a bigger space to showcase her skill of catwalk.” – Abu Pame
  • “From Start to End she was full of confident she is extremely beautiful and the way she was loving the outfit made her look more beautiful ” – Darshan Sonavane
  • “(The dusky desire)  Blue with black nice combination , plus your facial features are good , and very decent walk you have, overall a nice style 🙂 ” – Zain Ulabedin Sabir

10. Aarohi Shrivastava

  • “Walk good, but be cautious of the hand on the hip moment, it is not helping your walk.” – Ritika Pal
  • “the second LBD, this one much better than the previous. Use of overcoat worked. Pairing with jewellery also added to her score. Restricted walk, she should use a more open area so she can walk a little more freely.” – Adney Goncalves
  • ” I felt because of the congested space , she couldn’t perform well . Otherwise she has the potential.” – Abu Pame

11. Ekta Ingle

  • “Walk is too casual. Get your basics right, watch videos and work hard for the next episode.” – Ritika Pal
  • “She tried, her ensemble was really good but she pull it off? NO!! those shoes were too high, the way she held the bag is also a big X. Wear something that is comfortable yet has a wow factor to it. This one had the wow factor but she didn’t work it. So unfortunate.” – Adney Goncalves
  • “Your fashion sense and styling couldn’t be ignored easily. You looked beautiful in your own chosen outfit , and a handbag added an extra beauty . But you looked a bit uncomfortable in your walk .” – Abu Pame
  • “I loved Ekta’s styling, she looked Urban Diva. I suggest Ekta, to be little active and make shoot video in more good quality . ” – Mohit Gaikwad

12. Mahima Kodwani

  • “Good walk, but put some more pace and energy in your walk.” – Ritika Pal
  • “I didn’t get the look honestly. I guess if she had gone a little overt, it could have helped. She needs to take little more risks.n Her walk didn’t help her style either.” – Adney Goncalves
  • “Needs improvement in catwalk, and styling too . ” – Abu Pame


Miss TGPC 2017 Style Icon

Congratulations, Vrushali!  You get a direct entry in Top 9 🙂

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