Meet the Tallest Mr. India, Srikant Dwivedi, winner of Rubaru Mister Global India

Srikant Dwivedi, winner of Rubaru Mister Global India

Srikant Dwivedi was recently named the winner of Rubaru Mr India 2017 contest held on 25 February 2017 at the Royal Castle in NCR in India. He was awarded with the title of Mister Global India at the grand finale of this extravagant event and will now represent India at Mister Global 2017 pageant slated to take place in Thailand in the month of May this year. Standing at a towering height of 6 foot and 4 inches, Srikant holds the record of being the tallest Mr India in the history of Indian pageantry. Interestingly, this record was previously held by Srikant’s predecessor, Prateek Baid. At 6 foot 3 inches, Prateek Baid, Rubaru Mr India 2016, happened to be the tallest Mr India winner before Srikant’s victory. Srikant hails from the city of Sonebhadra in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Srikant Dwivedi, winner of Rubaru Mister Global India

Srikant Dwivedi holds a degree in Bachelor’s in Commerce from the University of Delhi and currently works as a training manager in the field of hospitality. Apart from his regular job, Srikant is also a part-time model. He describes himself as an adventurous person and enjoys various outdoor activities like river rafting, bungee jumping and travelling. This very good-looking Indian gentleman also likes to spend quite time alone in his room and read novels. The year 2017, turned out to be the turning point in his life when he won India’s biggest annual male competition, the Rubaru Mister India pageant, run by the president of Rubaru Group, Sandeep Kumar. The event was participated by 35 of the best looking and talented men in India where this 26 year-old hunky dude came out victorious.

One of the main responsibilities that came with this prestigious title is to represent India at one of the biggest annual international competitions for men, the Mister Global contest organized by Pradinunt Production Limited owned by Pradit Pardinunt of Thailand. The winner of Mister Global contest wins several awards and prizes that include, cash prize, sponsor awards, modelling contracts, a beautiful trophy and a chance to travel the world to promote good causes and take part in various social and fashion events. The current winner of Mister Global title is Tomas Martinka from Czech Republic. At the conclusion of this year’s edition, Tomas will pass on his title to his successor.

Basic information about Srikant Dwivedi

Srikant Dwivedi, winner of Rubaru Mister Global India

Name: Srikant Dwivedi

Date of Birth: 20 May 1990

Height: 6 foot, 4 inches

Hometown: Sonebhadra, Uttar Pradesh

Eye color: Black

Hair color: Black

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Commerce

University / college: University of Delhi Occupation: Training manager, model