Miss TGPC 2017, Episode 3: ‘Beyond the BEAUTY’

The beauty of everything is beyond just the mere surface that we observe it from, it lies way beyond our view but within our grasp.

The definition of Beauty Pageant has gone beyond just finding a beautiful face a very long time ago. Pageants in today’s time is trying to find a confident  girl, or rather say a woman who is much more than just beauty. This is what motivated us to introduce a concept of ‘Beyond the BEAUTY’ where we are looking for uniqueness in a girl which they do in addition to what you see in a regular contestant of Miss TGPC 2017. It could be anything, ranging from singing to dancing to working for an NGO to riding a bike to designing clothes etc. Anything that defines our girls of who they are and how they are comfortable doing what they are doing.

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Since this round was optional to girls, certain girls opted to send the entries for this. We received entries where a dentist does salsa dance and other dentist loves singing, a freelance model is a firm believer of yoga and also works for an NGO, a medical student love singing while a law student indulging into social activities and college students taking interest in Sports. There is no lack of substance in these young girls.

Judge for the Round

Yogesh Aggarwal is the founder director of Yellow Umbrella
Yogesh Aggarwal is the founder director of Yellow Umbrella, which owns and hosts Wings To Fame – A National level Talent Hunt currently in Dance, Vocal and Instruments. Yogesh, being a successful entrepreneur, has keen eye in capturing thriving talents. Wings To Fame is his brain child, which has been a raging success in bringing hidden talents to visibility. Wings to Fame has seen more than 10000 talents till date and has had around 100 winners from the previous season. So without further delay, let’s have a look at the entries.

Aarohi Shristava

 Adwitiya Verma

Ahina Datta

Ekta Ingle

Honey Dhawan

Mahima Kodwani

Monisha R

Pallavi Singh

Poonam Basu

Roma Jee

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See you on Friday in Episode 4!