Chit-chat with Sudha Subramanian, National Director of World Supermodel India Pageant

Chit-chat with Sudha Subramanian

Those who follow The Great Pageant Community regularly might already be knowing Sudha Subramanian as she was one of the esteemed judges of Miss TGPC 2016. Apart from this, Sudha is one among the youngest pageant directors in India. Having done a stint in modelling, beyond pageantry, she is also a strategic part of marketing minds in Yellow Umbrella, the company that owns World Supermodel India and many other fashion events for which Sudha is being instrumental. She has also been part of the judging panel at various other pageants as well. Her current focus actively involves community development, working closely with several charity organisations like Helpage India, Sense International, Smile Foundation, to name just a few. Known for her extremely professional behaviour, here is a bit more deep dive into Sudha’s personality where she got candid in an interview with TGPC.

TGPC: Hi Sudha, so tell us how is World Supermodel India Pageant shaping up for 2017?

Sudha: Hello TGPC.. Oh Its amazing. This year we are receiving overwhelming responses from many aspiring models and pageant aspirants. We are amidst a phase of reviewing and selecting all the entries. Our pageant has strict height criteria and we are very selective in choosing our finalists this time.

TGPC: Why do you think World Supermodel India is a different pageant than other beauty pageants?

Sudha with the winners of WSMI 2016: Mansi and Marilyn Bothello
Sudha with the winners of WSPI 2016: Marilyn Bothello and Mansi

Sudha: You always ask us the trickiest question!!! World Supermodel India is unique and exclusive in many ways. We are brutally honest.






That explains why we are special!! World Supermodel India is a transparent pageant system. We do not engage any authoritative Sponsors/partners to over-rule the selection procedure. We release leader board to the audience and contestants to know where they stand and why.

Additionally, We have built a platform that gives opportunity for many aspirants, an easiest method to register and give their audition just with the click of a button. Its that simple. When you visit Award Nights[Click], a simple registration completes the whole gamut of audition process.

TGPC: What are the opportunities that a participant or winner can look forward by participating WSPI 2017?

Sudha: World Supermodel India is a journey from a Model title to a Supermodel level. We love the concept of generating visibility for contestants. Since our pageant is being noticed and followed by many in the entertainment and fashion industry, so are our contestants in their in their notice. During the prelude, all our contestants will undergo several photoshoots including possible workshops and rehearsals.

There will be casting directors in our panel who will assist our contestants in getting assignments. We have a ‘Smile Partner’ who will enhance the smile of our contestants. Then there are some more striking sponsors for this season who are rewarding our winners with some handful offers and goodies.

TGPC: How did it feel when Indian delegate was declared as 2nd runner-up in WSP 2016 pageant?

Mansi (left most) was delcared as 2nd runner-up at World Supermodel Teen 2016
Mansi (left most) was delcared as 2nd runner-up at World Supermodel Teen 2016

Sudha: We had two good representatives for the International title in 2016. Sadly Marilyn Bothello could not make it to the International competition during the end moment due to her medical emergency. Mansi, our teen representative, was stunning and we knew she was there to win. It was a tough competition and rest of the countries were equally competitive. It was a debut for India, and we were jumping in joy when Teen India was announced as 2nd Runner up. India is amazing and we know that. We made a history, brought our Nation a title and the history shall repeat 😉

TGPC: What is the vision of WSPI in coming 5 years?

Sudha: World Supermodel India will be the Pride of our Nation. This pageant is going to be one among the Top 3 most sort-after pageants in India and will soon transform the pageant perception, setting a trend in itself. We wish to become a synonym for the term ‘Pageant’ soon. 🙂

TGPC: How is 2017 pageant going to be different from last year?

World Supermodel India 2016 finale
World Supermodel India 2016 finale

Sudha: We are here to create an impact and we are path breaking. We introduced the World Supermodel Pageant concept to India. Last year was our debut and our contestants were given unconventional pageant experience. The coronation night was witnessed by more than 500 pageant lovers. This year, India finals will be hosted in the city of Mumbai, at one of the renowned venues.

TGPC: Tell us more about the parent company Yellow Umbrella Pvt Ltd.

Sudha: Yellow Umbrella is a group of dedicated, yet grounded team that believes in implementing the vision. The company not just handles marketing activities and events but also owns multiple IPs. Yellow Umbrella owns and hosts yearly National Talent Hunt – Wings To Fame. We are India Partner for a live streaming channel in the US and host Film Festivals in India. Soon, we were accredited with many awards including being listed as one among the Top 20 most promising event management companies in India.

Still the company was far from the closest proximity to glamour quotient!! The penchant for pageant was never there. Our partner from USA introduced World Supermodel Production team to us.. Looking at our credentials and expertise, they wanted us to bring the pageant to India and host the National finals. & that was our start to the world’s runway!!

Hold On.. That’s not all.. We are in the phase of introducing micro pageants that will enable us to eliminate some of the pageant’s restrictive criteria.

TGPC: What qualities do you look forward in your winners this year?

Sudha: The search is on for the two intriguing Indian personalities who can enthral at the International competition. Our goal, every year, will be to win World Supermodel title and World Teen Supermodel Title.  As an Indian representative, the winners should possess the keenness to know about her country, current affairs and prevailing political coherence. Contestant should be keen to ‘Prove’ what she believes in. Her path to excel this belief will carry her journey forward. Her presence should be felt. The stars of this season will soon be revealed. Stay Tuned!

TGPC: What is one suggestion that you wish to give to aspirants for WSPI 2017?

Sudha: Be Vivacious. Stay up like a Lion and roar your arrival. As I usually quote to all our girls – Be An Aura Yourself! Be Global, Think Global.

TGPC: Any message for our readers on TGPC?

Sudha: Aspirants of any field should hold their faith and dream big. Pageantry is an ocean and you could be drowned very easily. The key is to stay afloat. Be passionate and be ready to fight all odds to achieve what you truly deserve. I thank TGPC for this opportunity that has let me share the insights about World Supermodel India to the world. Our love to TGPC readers.