This girl took an inspiration from Bollywood Star SALMAN KHAN for her evening gown at Miss Universe 2016

Salman Khan is a bollywood star that doesn’t require any introduction. He has inspired many people and has set an example as an excellent human being. In recent finding of ours, we realised that Miss Indonesia 2016, Kezia Warouw, wore a gown at Miss Universe 2016 that was extremely similar to what Salman Khan wore in his movie ‘Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega’ released back in 2000, what a motivation we must say. We couldn’t stop but draw a comparison and try asking who wore it better? Let us have a look.

Miss Indonesia 2016, Kezia Warouw
Left: Salman Khan, Right: Kezia Warouw

Do you also see what we see? Hahaha..!!!! Who do you think wore the design better?

Note: This article is only for fun and doesn’t intend to offend anyone out there.