Miss Universe 2016: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Almost a week of Miss Universe 2016 and we are yet not over it..!!! Such an amazing was this year’s Miss Universe edition, from hosting to production to semifinalists to winner, everything left a mark onto us. After looking at the over all conduct of the show, we have tried listing out The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of the show which appreciates the goodness and suggests to improve the shortcomings. Let us have a look at these points.

The Good

Iris Mittenaere from France wins Miss Universe 2016

Winner: Iris Mittenaere was an absolute stunning winner on that night. In fact most of the pageant portals saw her winning during preliminary performances. Her win was one of the least controversial wins in recent year and she was accepted globally by fans. It was also refreshing to see France winning once again after more than 60 years gap.

Less Importance to Sash Factor: Another fact that we absolutely about the new ownership of Miss Universe is that they are killing the Sash Factor (Politics). We saw girls like Haiti, Canada, Peru, Kenya etc placing so high and traditional well performer like Venezuela getting eliminated in the beginning itself. This reminds us of 90’s era where the competition was between the girls and not between the (National Director+Politics+Fans+Designers+etc).

Woman Empowerment: Just like Miss USA 2016, Miss Universe gave extreme focus on the individuality of a girl. They focused on their personal achievements, on their profession, on their family and on them on the whole rather than 30 seconds ramp walk rounds. Also, the girls got a lot of air time as after every announcement, the girls got a chance to speak with host and share thoughts. It is clear that personality is the major influencing factor now onwards.

Steve Harvey

Hosting by Steve Harvey: Steve did a wonderful job this year in hosting Miss Universe. The funny pranks on last year’s mistake was quite catchy this year. And by god’s grace, no wrong announcement of winner this time.. 🙂

Philippines as a host: We dare say that Philippines has done extremely well job that it can easily be quoted as the BEST HOST in past 10 years. Everything about the contest was so grand and the country treated girls like real princess. The multiple activities and events kept us engaged and didn’t let us feel bored at any point of time.

Miss Universe 2016 Judges

Beautiful Set of Judges: The panel of judges consisted of 3 Ex-Miss Universe- Dayanara Torres, Sushmita Sen and Leila Lopes apart from that it also had 2 more female judges. What we liked about the panel was they knew their job very well. Having 3 Miss Universe who won due to extreme confident personality shows how organisation is moving in right direction.

The Bad


Group of 3 girls: Now this was really painful to watch when girls were called in the group of 3 (and two at times). This took away all the focus from an individual performance of a girl and things were going too fast. There was also a mis-coordination in announcing the girls’ name and the time they start walking. While we appreciated the fact that IMG is focusing on individuality of a girl in terms of personality, it was unpleasing to see girls not having a sole focus during her performance on the ramp.

Bad angles and mis-coordination during performance: As stated in above point, there was a mis- synchronisation between Steve declaring the name of girl and the time she started walking on the ramp. At times it happened that girl was half way on the ramp and then Steve declared the name. Having 3 girls on stage also made us feel rushed in camera angles as none of them was getting full on coverage from back end to front end. Hope this improves next year.

Miss Canada during Miss Universe 2016 (Left) and during Miss Supranational 2015(Right)
Miss Canada during Miss Universe 2016 (Left) and during Miss Supranational 2015(Right)

Miss Canada in Swimsuit over Panama/Brazil: Now few of you might accuse us of body shamming for this point but we are not. We do understand that Canada was full of personality and that’s what helped her getting into Top 13. But it was definitely not pleasing to see Miss Canada making cut in Swimsuit round above girls like Brazil and Panama who certainly had much better bodies and were equally confident. Few said it’s because of confidence she made it further but still judges overlooking the core principle of swimsuit round was surprising. It’s like giving a goal point in football match not because the ball reached the goal post but because the player kicked the ball with extreme confidence. We have seen Miss Canada in Miss Supranational 2015 and have seen how stunning she was, hence her stint here was bit disappointing. Not that we don’t appreciate plus size, we do, but not when it is given more importance than others who deserved that spot.

The Ugly

Miss Kenya 2016, Mary Esther Were

Regional Political Question to Miss Kenya: This was probably the worst thing during that night. While all other girls got questions related to America in a generic way, Miss Kenya was given a political question about Trump’s leadership. This was extremely unfair to ask her a question which might not have any relation to her domain of knowledge and yet she tried to deliver as good as possible. However, one question robbed her the chance of winning the crown. She was an absolute stunner and we are sure had she got a different question, she would have gone into the Top 3.

Top 13 Finalists only: We really wonder why it was not possible to take 2 more girls and make it Top 15 rather than Top 13? We lost so many good girls because of the chopping off in finalist numbers. In fact, with the kind of girls we had this year, many even said there should be Top 20 rather than 15. We lost so many stunning girls like Nicaragua, Argentina, Iceland, Germany, Sierra Leone, Venezuela, Belgium, Curacao, Dominican Republic etc.

Asking Judges about whom they liked: Another shocking moment was when Steve asked 2 of the judges about who were their favourite and they took the name of girls during the show. Was it really required? Such opinions tend to influence the opinions of other judges and audience. This becomes unfair to other delegates who are competing with equal efforts.

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