Miss Universe 2016: Top 10 in Preliminary Swimsuit

Miss Universe 2016 recently concluded with its preliminary contest where we saw girls dazzling down the ramp in their Swimsuit and Evening Gown competition. This segment of the competition holds an utmost importance in selection criteria of Top 12 finalists as the scores received by the girls in this round will then be combined with Interview score and the final list of delegates shall be prepared who will make the first cut in finale. It was a treat watching Miss Universe 2016 preliminary and based on the over all performance level, our experts have picked up 10 girls who impressed them the most in the competition last night. Let us have a look at them.

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Top 10 in Preliminary Swimsuit (Alphabetical Order)



This girl wasn’t even in radar before the preliminary but the moment we saw her in swimsuit round, our heart screamed stunner. She had this undying x-factor about her that easily made her a stand out. Loved her smile and eyes.



Brazil delivered less than our expectations but was still the star in the group. Her unique features made her an easy stand out and extremely toned body was an added advantage in swimsuit round.



Just like Brazil, Colombia couldn’t deliver as good as her national contest but her styling was a bang on and so was her body. It would be an easy pick for Colombia as she also had good crowd support.



We would call her the find of the night..!!! She was nowhere even in Top 5 of most predictions before preliminary, but she is winning most of the bets now. It is interesting to realise how wonderfully she appeared on the stage and captured universe with her mesmerising beauty.



Kezia is all set to bring Indonesia its first Top 9 placement this year. Such a stunning girl with uber confidence on the stage. Jonas Gaffud has definitely done a lot of work on her for sure.



Panama literally ate the competition with her Latina moves. She was bubbly, she was spunky and she was everything that we expect from a Miss Universe performer. It would be lovely to see her in finale fighting for the crown.

Puerto Rico


Although she was a replacement to the original representative, Puerto Rico didn’t show it in her performance. Stunning body and stunning performance.



Chalita was expected to deliver well and she didn’t disappoint us. She still maintains her front runner position with a super toned body and an extremely cute charm. It won’t take much time to realise that this girl might just end up winning the main crown on finale night.



When you have a beauty like Ukraine, do you even need to see her performance? She captured our hearts through her goddess like face. She should be there in the finale as well.



The queen of the night was Venezuela. She literally ended the swimsuit presentation like no one else. She will easily be there in Top 6 of the finale. However, do we want to see her as a winner? No. While we do feel Mariam is a performance queen, we need a queen with whom we won’t get bored even when we have to look at her for one whole year and we don’t quite feel Mariam to be there on beauty quotient. Having said this, we don’t underestimate the power of Venezuelan sash and we might just have 8th Miss Universe from Venezuela tomorrow.

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Picture Credits: Miss Universe, Missosology.

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